As we all know a handful of clubs have used the financial rewards of the Champions League to accumulate massive squads which has led to ridiculous numbers of players going out on loan, often to other Premier League teams.

I have often thought it a ridiculous scenario as it then creates an awful lot of ‘what ifs’ in my mind. One of those ‘what ifs’ was removed when the Premier League banned on loan players from playing against their ‘real club’, if you know what I mean. This came a bit late for us when LuaLua scored against Newcastle while on loan at Pompey.

As we head into these final weeks of the season a thought came to me and I checked out various players and clubs.

When we played Swansea they had Caulker (on loan from Spurs) and McEachran on the bench (on loan from Chelsea).

Back when we played Wolves, if it hadn’t been for injury we would have faced Bassong (on loan from Spurs).

On Monday Bolton are likely to have Miyaichi (on loan from Arsenal) up front.

Last game of the season at Goodison we’re almost certain to be facing Pienaar (on loan from Spurs).

How can this be allowed?

So tomorrow Arsenal’s Miyaichi could score the winner against us for Bolton.

Chelsea’s McEachran could have came off the bench and denied us the three points at Swansea.

Then on the final day we could have Spurs’ Pienaar scoring a last minute goal for Everton which could put Spurs into the Champions League at Newcastle’s expense!

This is an unfair advantage as these players can’t now play against their ‘real club’, plus there is a clear incentive for these players to bust a gut against a team like Newcastle as they could be returning to their real club in the summer and then play Champions League football for Arsenal/Chelsea/Spurs next season.

This practice must be stopped and loans only allowed to clubs in other divisions or countries.

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  • Hhh

    Complete load of crap mate

  • Scm International

    Nonsense. As though players will try harder on behalf of their home club as opposed tot he one they are actually playing for.

  • Archie Brand

    Interesting concept – players actually trying!

    So they wouldn’t try if…..

    Sorry – just dont get your point

  • Toon2012

    Absolutely right – this is a clear conflict of interests, it is obviously unfair, and should be stopped immediately. 

  • Anonymous

    Well we’ve done it too – Guiseppe Rossi from Manure, and Van Anholt from Chelsea.

    • Patrick Kirwan

      We were actually in a different division than Chelski when we took van Aanholt on loan. The point this article is making is regarding players loaned to clubs in the same division whereby those players are allowed to play against certain clubs but not others; potentially benefitting the richer clubs with large squads from which said players are being loaned-out. Anyway, whether or not we’ve gained from the current system is irrelevant, the point is that it is fundamentally unfair and should be scrapped.   

  • Ozymandias

    Looks like a well reasoned argument to me! “Complete load of crap mate” – hmm, eloquent!

  • davemc

    i don’t agree that clubs should not be allowed to loan players to clubs in the same league. but maybe some rule on the number of  players you can loan to clubs in the same league should be implemented. if it meant someone like Tavernier or Ferguson getting some first team premier league experience for someone like bolton i’d have no problem with that 

    • your only allowed loan out 3 player to rival prem club as far as i am aware altho i may be mistaking… this article is nonsense either way, i we were to loan out Vukic or Fergie for prem exp it be great to get them playin, 

  • LlambiastMedia

    Complete load of sh*te! Newly promoted teams depend on loan players from the Prem!!! Clueless person whoever wrote this pile of sh*te

  • AnthonyGeordie

    It really isn’t a conflict of interest if it makes a player ‘play harder’. When Man U play Liverpool, Rooney plays harder because he is an Everton lad? Is this a conflict of interest? No.

    Is it an extra incentive? Maybe at best but surely every player ‘busts a gut’ everytime they play because the incentive is to win, to be a better player, help their club in the league, create a better profile for themselves or to just prove people wrong. The only time it would be a conflict of interest is if the team they were playing for possibly threatened relegation of their ‘real club’ then they would play less hard and maybe even knock in a cheeky own goal. It is very important for clubs to blood their players in teams who suit their ability. Can you imagine Wiltshire playing for MK Dons for a season instead of Bolton?

    It’s not the greatest theory really…

  • Guest-onemillion

    had you asserted that a loan player came on deliberately injured a NUFC player, then your ‘scandal’ allegation would be true. but players (aside from Cisse, it seems) don’t score on cue or at will, otherwise, i doubt they would be on loan. in order for them to change the scoreline in such a way would speak volumes about our defence as well. so what you have described really is just an unfortunate coincidence. 

  • Garybrown122

    Agree completely. Spurs have a lot of players out on loan and therefore obviously gain an advantage when playing the sides who have those players. The way things are going, if City continue to buy everyone up then they can gain advantage against most clubs! Unfair practice and if a great performance for an Arsenal forward dampens our European dreams today you’ll see this is not ‘a complete load of crap.’

  • Vasey

    Your argument is stupid and invalid, and the title is misleading. Loans are a part of football. You’re basically saying

    “How dare someone go on loan and then play well against certain teams”

    • Then it happens against YOUR club and suddenly you’re against it.
      Personally I agree though. Loans should continue.
      It’d be a laugh though if in a strange way, it comes back to haunt the loaning clubs

  • Kev Darlngton

    Totally agree smaller clubs are being put at yet another disadvantage, But if Newcastle do make the champions league at Chelsea or spurs  expense its going to be so good.   

  • Completely agree, I suggest loans should be to teams in a different league than the parent club.Man Utd, Spurs, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea for example have been farming out these undercover agents ie loan players to clubs outside the title challengers in order to help take points off their rivals.Host clubs like Sunderland,Bolton,Everton etc who have no chance of challenging  have been willing recipients of this trade for years in order to survive in the Premiership.It’s a complete farce.