Yesterday we asked the question, was Hatem Ben Arfa or Laurent Robert the best ever French winger for Newcastle United.

Many of you contacted us to put forward David Ginola as better than them both.

Maybe it simply comes down to how you define ‘best’, is it sheer entertainment or does there have to be a regular end product?

Laurent Robert was undoubtedly more effective than Ginola in terms of goals and assists but in Daveed’s first four months he was beyond compare in terms of sheer brilliance in beating his man, again and again.

Let’s hope that Ben Arfa eclipses them both but in the meantime watch this superb interview with David Ginola as he talks fondly about those brilliant days under Kevin Keegan.
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Another classic video, courtesy of The Mag’s YouTube Channel



    Ginola was a better player that Robert. I think Ben Arfa will actually get even better than he is now – could be awesome.

    • Geordiedoonsooth

      I have to say that I think Ginola is the better of the 3 but HBA could be the best. I met Ginola in a hotel about 4 years ago a real gentleman.

  • mscdaddy

    Daveed definitely better than Lauren. He could pass virtually anyone on that left wing and resulting centres were sublime.
    H.B.A. is a slightly different player to both of them and as first post observes, he looks to have the potential to become something really special ! ! !

  • I liked Ginola but Robert had far more end product in terms of goals and assists. HBA definitely has potential to be better than both.

  • Gusto

    Ginola was great, but only for a season. he didn’t do as well in his second, then left. Robert was frustrating but certainly did more overall, scored many a spectacular goal. Ben Arfa is probably more skilled than either of the previous two, but it’s too early to say he’s the best. Hopefully he’ll stay and play for a couple more years and we’ll really see how great he can be!

  • Ahmedtoon

    Ginola was far too lazy and didn’t score anywhere near as many goals as Robert nor get the assists. During his time at Newcastle only Giggs at Man U assisted more goals in England! So how you can even jokingly say Ginola was better god only knows. Robert was a nice genuine man, Ginola an arrogant horrible man more interested in chatting up a 14 year old girl. As yet, I have not met Hatem so. 

    • Mkeats555

      And……..your a dickhead! Stick to the football pal not saying ginola was some sort of peado!