I have read this site pretty regularly over the recent years (ED: We’ve only been going five months though it does feel like years!) when I have been exiled and I have often held my tongue when people have said negative things about our players. Sometimes I disagree and occasionally I do.

Today I feel that all those that have had something negative to say need to bite their tongues.

Williamson and Perch were untouchable today. They handled Suarez, Bellamy and Carroll far better than they had any right to do. In addition, Guthrie managed to boss the midfield alongside Cheik and Cabaye in a fantastic display by our players. Admittedly Perch took a bit of a tumble when confronted by Reina but it was nothing when compared to the Donkey-Dive. Williamson handled the strikers with aplomb and received a well earned Man of the Match award.

These displays show just how much we should be supporting our squad players and just how much we have to thank Alan Pardew for. The likes of Williamson, Perch and Guthrie will never be fan favourites, but cometh the hour cometh the man, and today they all performed admirably.

Every player who dons the stripes should have our support and while they are competing in our colours should be supported 100%.

If you don’t like or rate a player then that is your prerogative, but at the end of the day if they play for the institution that is NUFC then they are worthy of your encouragement.

Days like today show just how much a ‘Squad’ player can raise their game to compete. Negative comments will only counteract that.

I am not suggesting that anyone should be an automatic inclusion in the first 11, only that their contribution should not be discounted and that they should be able to be proud of their efforts without anonymous abuse from the internet.

  • Jamie Smith

    There is a difference I think between showing support for the players on display (which should go without saying) and accepting people who just aren’t good enough. All the above played excellent against Liverpool and Perch in particular looks like being a bit of a renaissance man.
    However, if you look at Williamson’s excellent performance against the scousers (casting aside the fact that Danny Simpson had to handball his needless own goal attempt off the line) it is one performance versus some costly displays against Wolves, Arsenal and, crucially, the mackems lately which clearly show a new centre half is required if we are to kick on.

  • James Zielinski

    Great post and most fans should take this to heart. No one has a great time at work all the time and footballers are the same. Perch was awful in the past but has come good. Williamson had a slump in performance but has improved steadily past few games. Fan favourites Colo and once upon a time Enrique were awful at first but came good. Simpson may not be everyones cup of tea but he is full of heart and the amount of clearances off the line in one season must be a record? People overlook the small things and quickly get hooked on favourites and compare everyone to them. Its not about the first 11 its about a squad and that squad below the regular first 11 are needed as cover and to keep the so called stars on their toes in training keeping them honest. Im sure Perch and his energy levels keep other players honest in training as they cant slack off. We need these types of players. They dont oooze the class of some but the are level headed and work hard which rubs off. Ben Arfa has had to realise you have to work hard and earn your place and Pardew is now beginning to instil that ethic into him. Ive never in all my time in football seen a player improve during a match when he takes abuse from their own fans. It only serves to damage their morale and put in their head why should they care and slack off. Its about time we started getting back to living up to the best fans in the world reputation once again and supporting every squad player will go a long way to that whether we believe we should have better or not.

  • James Zielinski

    Yeah I agree @Jamie_Smith but we know we will improve the squad in the summer. We can’t at present so we need to encourage and give them all the support they need to help them raise their form and morale.

  • Pierre L

    Recent criticism of Williamson has been foolish. At the end of the day we currently have no alternatives, so he is an automatic choice, so criticism during games is hardly going to help him suddenly improve.

    In any event, I think some people are viewing Steven Taylor through rose coloured spectacles. He is by no means perfect, and in my opinion seems to believe the hype that he is a great player.

    Taylor is a good player, but he has his faults, particularly his tendency to switch off during games and get caught out of position, meaning he has to try to resort to last minute challenges to try and clear the danger. He also has a tendency to cavort upfield leaving gaps at the back.

    Williamson, on the other hand, (and of course only in my opinion), seems to read the game better than Taylor. His weakness appears to be lack of confidence or ability with the ball. That’s a nice to have with a defender, but not a necessity. Row Z is sometimes the best option.

    If I am right and confidence is an issue with Williamson, constant criticism is hardly going to help his confidence is it?

  • JustDave

    I should possibly have refrained on hitting send on this until after the ale and euphoria of beating Liverpool had worn off, but the fact of the matter is that despite my errors, it says what I feel.

     Thanks for putting it up.