As I salivated watching yesterday’s match unfold against the red and white striped visitors, once Yohan superbly half-volley the third my mind temporarily wandered to the summer.

Not on this occasion to my summer jollies, more to thinking about the European Championship in Poland & Ukraine and which players we will be watching.

Two players stood out in my eyes, in both the sunshine and the rain at St.James’ Park.

You had Hatem Ben Arfa; a player who gave us a master class in instant ball control, dribbling, dropping the shoulder, creating the crucial first goal, flashes of brilliance, then you had…Peter Crouch.

The sad fact though is that while Hatem Ben Arfa is likely to be sat watching on TV like the rest of us, that lumbering oaf is far more likely to be wandering aimlessly around pitches in Eastern Europe.

Honestly, I think I’d rather England just quietly withdrew rather than embarrass all of us as a worldwide audience look at the likes of Crouch and think ‘if that is one of England’s twenty two best players I’d hate to see the next best twenty two’!

We can only hope that French national manager Laurent Blanc sees it as a no-brainer to include Ben Arfa as a last minute addition to his squad.

If he doesn’t it will not be just a tragedy for Hatem Ben Arfa, it will be possibly even more so for every single person tuning into the Euros this summer.


  • mr mojo risin

    its probably better for us NUFC fans he didn’t go, 2 reasons 1, he runs the risk of being injured and 2, its just a big shop window, in my eyes if he was to go and be the player of the tournament there would most likely be a deluge of bids for him, im happy for NUFC players to fly below the radar on this one like.

  • DM

    that lumbering oaf as you put it has 14 goals this season, is better equipped and more experienced than the majority of English strikers, decent in the air, good flicks and touches…there are a lot worse out there! He would be okay as a sub.

    • davem

      Crouch is awful! why not just take Heskey and be done with it?

      Better equipped? how? than who? Rooney? Sturridge? Welbeck? Bent?