It is always worth a laugh reading Mark Lawrenson’s match predictions and ‘expert’ analysis on the BBC Sport website.

More often than not he has us down to lose and as well as his obvious love-in with the scousers he doesn’t seem to have much time for Newcastle United, not that we would lose any sleep over that.

Lawro is obviously scarred from his disastrous period as defensive coach under Kevin Keegan, when he made a leaking defence even worse!

Have a read of his 500 word analysis on the BBC website here and you’d be hard pressed to realise who the red half of Liverpool are playing against today!

In the whole piece his solitary mention of NUFC is to acknowledge that we beat West Brom last week.

Actually I do him an injustice, he also says who Liverpool’s Andy Carroll used to play for!

  • Tedwardo1

    He never predicts us to win.  Bitter bitter man.

  • GeordiesBen

    He is the definition of a tit anyway.
    Let him, and whoever else, keep failing to mention us, we’ll be quite happy to keep sticking our nose where it clearly (according to the media) doesn’t belong :) Howay the lads!

  • Steve81

    The man has tremendous fashion sense. Who would have thought that you could actually strip the fabric off a 1960s deck chair and wear it!! What a sh*thouse that man is!