The look on (the benched) Demba Ba’s face when Papiss Cissé scored the decisive second goal at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium. had more than a few Mags starting to worry.

Ba has taken matters into his own hands and used social media to put out his own message to Newcastle supporters.

Toon fan Lee Smith had posed a question to the player on Twitter as to whether there was a problem, the big striker replying:

 “Nothing at all. When you love football like I do you wanna play every minute. End of the day we win. So I’m glad once again :)”

I think in recent matches Ba has continued to be outstanding but clearly like all strikers would like to be amongst the goals. Alan Pardew has already come out and said the fans have a big part to play in helping to make sure Demba is still at St.James’ Park next season and I think a few fans need reminding that they shouldn’t be falling for the kids with new toys syndrome – forgetting about all the enjoyment they’ve had from their ‘old’ toys and what they can still have from them in the future!

At times this season Demba Ba has almost carried Newcastle by himself with his goals, wherever we end up in May it will be massively down to him and he is still my current choice for player of the year by a country mile.

I hope that Demba’s long face on the bench at Swansea was just because he was desperate to be on the pitch because a bit like buses, you wait so long for an exciting quality striker and then two come along together.

I would hate to think we’d have to make a choice of which striker to ‘get on’.

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  • Davy Craig

    I think that Demba Ba has shown what a great player he is by the way he’s played out wide and behind Cisse.  I’ve seen him play in a similar role for Senegal so I’m not too worried.  My player of the season so far with Krul, Collocini and Cabaye not far behind!  

    • Biggazza

      Agree with Davy meet any reasonable pay request to keep him!

  • Anonymous

    I believe that Demba Ba will be sold this summer. The buy out clause means the club cannot stand in his way, and if any big club comes in waving huge signing on fees and wages that NUFC cann’t or indeed won’t match he, as most would do will be gone.
    A.P. knows this, so he is getting us all used to see Sisse as the main man thru the middle. It’s being labelled the revolving door policy, buy em cheap ship em out for huge profits. I fear as long as this regime is in then we just have to grin and bear it.

    • DC1964

      Totally agree with you.

  • Hudi Sumohadiwijojo

    Is all up to demba nowww…… whether he decide to stay or move, and as fans we should encourage demba to continue play for Newcastle. Hopefully he’ll then start scorering and therefore seals a new contract keeping him in the too for a while :)

  • ToonLad

    I really Hope demba ba is ok , because he is a very good striker and once he starts scoring a couple of more goals he will be on fire again

  • Andy

    Couldn’t agree more with this article. Even if Ba doesn’t score another goal this season he deserves nothing but praise and respect from the fans. It all depends on where we finish now, I don’t think he’ll move to Chelsea or spurs if we can get European football, particularly if we can squeeze them out of that last champions league place. Keep sending Ba tweets and messages on his website showing your support, he’s earned a place in our hearts and I’d love for him to see out his (hopefully soon to be new and improved) contract in style. Howay wor Ba!