If ever you had any doubts as to how big the boost of Champions League football would be to Newcastle United/Mike Ashley, just have a look at the rewards Chelsea are reaping this year.

The highly respected footballeconomy.com puts the cost of Newcastle missing out on Champions League football at a minimum of £20m but if Chelsea’s flukey run continues this season they would earn around £48m just from TV! With estimates that clubs can usually expect to double that figure when taking into account other revenue streams.

Chelsea can expect to earn a total of £45m in television cash from Uefa for their Champions League campaign this year.   This will increase by £2.8m if they win the trophy.  Clubs can usually double that income from ticket sales, sponsorship and merchandise.   The income is particularly important for Chelsea given their need to comply with financial fair play rules.

If Chelsea win the final and finish outside of the top four in the Premier League, they will take the place of the fourth placed team, currently Newcastle United.   The team that missed out would lose at least £20m.

No wonder Roman Abramovich was telling most of his players to put their feet up after the first leg against Barca, knowing the odds are loaded against Chelsea qualifying via the league, with everything being thrown at the Champions League.

  • Iain

    It would cost NUFC absolutely nothing. You don’t miss what you never had. Champions League would be an outstanding achievement, but it’s not the end of the world if we miss out, simply because we were never expected to challenge.

  • Mackem Logic

    Why talk about ‘Champions League Failure’ before we have even qualified?

    Before the season started, no-one believed we’d be anywhere near a Europa League place, never mind knocking on the C.L. door.

    There is still a lot of work to do to confirm where we finish, and even 4th place may not get us into the C.L. depending on the final result, but still this article talks as if we would have failed in some way.

    How about looking at the positive, and be thankful for whatever we end up with, which is still a hell of a lot more than many predicted and/or expected, back in August.

    If we qualify for the C.L. then the exposure and money we get will be a massive bonus, but to not get it, still won’t be a failure.

  • cowfoot

    Missing out on £20 million isn’t the same as losing £20 million. Champion’s League would be amazing, but let’s not lose sight of how much we’ve achieved this season even if we don’t qualify.

  • Gar1969

    What a daft head line!  It wouldn’t cost anything, we would lose the opportunity to gain millions, probably not £90M as this will need to be netted against the Europa League revenue anyway.  Lazy, plain lazy.

  • Sharpie

    I’m trying to see the glass as half full. If we don’t make the Champions League we’ve still had a fantastic season and I subscribe to the view that you cannot lose what you never had. The club will make money by virtue of a higher league position and qualifying for the Europa League, allied to increased revenue. Given that we never even expected to be top 5/6 this season what we’ve done is incredible and hopefully means we don’t need to sell big names to stay in the black. No pressure on the players/fans, we have four games left, let’s give them all a shot and see where we end up. HTL!

  • Wastemonkey

    I have just lost 2.5 millions pounds!  Well, I didn’t win the lottery so that is surely the same thing?!

    • cowfoot

      You think that’s bad mate, I’m losing £26 million a year by not being Lionel Messi. Too tall, apparently.

      • Gar1969

        I’ve lost £400 billion by not being the owner of Apple!  And even more by not being the ruler of the world

        • Juniorchubbs

          i’ve just lost the will to live.

          • Troleibusiukas

            You still have one reasonto live mate, you are not sunderland fan :D

  • Abc

    maasive salty balls

  • Mkeats555

    What a stupid fuckin article! Why?????? We never in our wildest dreams even thought about champions league! Let’s just enjoy what we have so far and if we don’t get champions league so be it as we have by far exceeded expectations.

  • Gary

    What a ridiculous article.  As Mkeats555 points out below.  This blog is a joke and constantly tries to undermine all the positives at St James’ these days.  It also assumes that we would get to the final of the Champions League. 

  • Toon69

    Why not just go positive with this article & say we’ve gain an extra £6m minimum over last season by just finishing 8 places higher up the table instead of making out we’ve lost £90m before we’ve even found out we’re in the CL, which btw won’t be until May 19th at the earliest…

  • Spike0110

    90 million only if we win champions league and manage to sell as many Ben arfa jerseys as messi jerseys

  • Ed

    what a load of tosh
    if the toon had finished 10th i wouuld have been satisfied even if we had  finished 7th i would have been happy, 5th and 6th im delighted anything higher and im ecstatic 

    all credit to 
    Mike Ashley
    Derek Lambert
    Alan Pardew
    The team