I want sunderland to get beat as much as the next Newcastle United fan….usually.

Questions have been asked earlier in the season when the mackems have been playing the teams in and around the black & whites and whether Newcastle fans would want their deadliest rivals to win.

These provoked some ‘strong’ responses with many fans saying they’d never want sunderland to win a match under any circumstances, whilst some were still afraid of the red & whites catching us and still others declared that we shouldn’t need to rely on other teams’ results and rely on our own results to achieve anything.

Surely now though all this has to be swept away, the current league position is Spurs 58 points, Newcastle 53 and sunderland 41.

If Newcastle win at Swansea on Friday, a sunderland win over Tottenham would leave us only two points behind with six matches to play.

With a twelve point gap and only seven matches to play surely even the worst black & white pessimist can’t think sunderland will catch us!

Just think how satisfying it would be if the mackems helped United into a Champions League placing, give them a little cheer on Saturday.


  • John

    ye come on sunderland, help us get into the champions league

  • bathe1189

    drawing been the best outcome

  • Anonymous

     I can remember my divided loyalties, in the Keegan era.

    As A Sunderland supporter I did NOT want NUFC to win the league but, at the same time, would like to have seen them do it for the many of their supporters that I have known and liked for many years.

  • Simon

    If you truly want NUFC to succeed, you will take EVERY result that works in their favour, even if that means a victory for the ‘unwashed’ down the road. Champions League qualification is not totally in our own destiny, so we have to rely on slip-ups by the teams above us. I think it would be the dogs pyjamas if we qualified with their help

    • Tone Army

      spot on, I will be watching their game today & for once will be hoping they win as spurs are catchable imo, if we hope to qualify for champs league then a win for 5under1and today is needed, to hope for anything less is cutting your nose off to spite your face.

  • Speedysherpa

    As a staunch NUFC follower I moved to Kent in the 80s where I was jokingly abused for being northern (in the “loads of Maaaaney” era)..I went to a Gillingham v Sunderland game and found myself wanting them to win because i surrounded by “saaavern” types and simply wanted a team from near my upbringing to win??/ it was a strange sensation.

    So its been the same ever since, if SAFC are playing a sourthern or foreign team, I want “the north” to win rather than SAFC

  • Zombiesteve

    its nice to have some banter between the two clubs  i would like to see both teams do well but more so sunderland but the way it looks its the mags thats going to be top dogs :-(  but good luck to them its nice to see a local team upset the prem apple cart & if safc can beat spurs it will only benifit both teams in league position & finances at the end of the season

  • DonM

    So would Sunderland fans cheer for them to lose to hurt Newcastle?