I came across an ‘interesting’ website the other day, no not that kind you cheeky monkey!

It is an Arsenal fans website dedicated to analysing Premier League refereeing performances with their own team of referees.

The thing is it isn’t just their own games they analyse, for example they have gone into great detail (and when I say great detail….) on our match away at Swansea and looking into Howard Webb’s handling of the match, step by very slow step.

They conclude that:

“Sometimes when you Ref a game, you just have to go up to the players and say “Thank you, that was a nice game”. This was one such game. A good game of football played well within the laws, by two teams with a great spirit. This may well be Alan Pardews Newcastle, but it is not the Newcastle of Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan. This was sophisticated technical and considered football. And with a constant threat up front (Cisse, blimey!!). Swansea look like a team who need the season to come to an end. Too small a squad for the EPL.  Newcastle will be hoping the season goes on and on”.

Kind words but still boring!

Check out the Arsenal website here

  • Arsenal not Arsene

    Relax, this bunch of deluded opinionated Arsene worshippers hate other Arsenal fans more than any body else on the planet. They might be paying NU a compliment in their usual condescending way. Ignore them they are idiots.

    • Widgesavage

      I think most of you are missing the main point of the untold arsenal website, yes it’s run by arsenal fans, but they are analysing the prem refs over most games. Most of the time the refs are found to be very under par, no surprise there really, but the proof is there for all to see and if enough people see this then something will be done about the terrible state of refereeing in the prem. There site is well worth a look for any football fan with half a brain.

    • zdzis

      Ahhh, yesss! The wise one has spoken!

  • grumpyoldmag

    Please as an editorial policy stop publishing articles about other teams and other teams supporters. It only encourages the blinkered small minded idiots from our fans and others (who seem to trawl the internet looking for references to thier clubs to start pointless arguments about whose dick is bigger, usually the one on their heads). I come to a NUFC website to read comments and opinions about NUFC. Please stop encouraging the small minded among us to abuse the small minded among other fan bases. Oh, except for 5under1and of course – that’s legitimat and we have a vested interest :-))))

  • Smithz04

    Pot calling the kettle black? you just did a article about how boring some other guys articles are. Although the irony of this piece did make me chuckle even if it isn’t interesting in and of itself.

  • GeordieBen

    I think the term ‘Arsenal fans’ in the title of this is a rather sweeping statement. I’m sure there are a few stat and ref analysis mad Newcastle fans too but that doesn’t mean we all are surely?
    It’s like when SkySports go and pick the fans they think will embarrass us enough to pigeon hole us and interview them. Therefore we’re all flids with nothing better to do then stand around outside St. James’ on a weekday.I’d rather speak to a load of Arsenal fans about football than the likes of Chelsea or Liverpool…

  • Mal

    I suppose this article must mean that now Arsenal fans think we are all boring as well

  • Groverider

    Alright chaps gooner here, I think that Arsenal have probably the most sizable blogging community of all clubs and each blog or site varies wildly in it’s style.  Untold for instance is the polar opposite to a site like Le grove . Untold is pretty earnest in it’s approach and generally it’s populated by thinkers and the more intellectual end of the support. Overall they’re utterly obsessed with reffing and conspiracies and each to their own I guess, if an article there doesn’t interest me I skip it but they’ve had a good few that are brilliantly written.  Good luck for the rest of the season btw. ideal scenario is you lot pipping chelski and chokenham to fourth and chelski getting battered by Bayern.

  • Kev

    Hi – would like to come defence of Arsenal fans ( Rita and Tom you know who you are ). When tickets were like gold-dust at SJP got smugged into away end against Gooners, but cover blown for me and a few hundred others when Ginola scored and we all got up to celebrate. Good crack and apart from a few ( Arsene included ) gracious  losers on the night. 
    Every club has a few anoracks, Arsenal more than most perhaps given where supporters come from, but shouldn’t slag them all off. Liverpool mind, that’s another matter ……. .

  • Untold guest

    If there are any refs who support Newcastle and who want to work on a project that wants to see how high or low the standard of refs in the EPL really is just visit Untold Arsenal and join our ref reviewer team so we can review even more games.
    This season we have reviewed already 125 games so most of the games we review are not Arsenal games at all.
    Once the season is over we will take all the reviews and we will be able to see which ref was good or bad, which team benefited from the refs and which team not.
    Some might say it is boring (WAKE UP WHILE YOU READ!!!! ) I think it is interesting stuff. But I am biased. ;-)

    • Untold Reader (in peace)

      Untold need more qualified referees to review matches – it doesn’t take long and you get an excuse to watch a football match!

      If you are a referee and you want to have a stake in a project monitoring refereeing at the highest level in this country then please see the Ref Reviews on Untold Arsenal, put your name down and someone will contact you.  This kind of research can only benifit us all and NOT just the ‘big clubs’.

  • sorry I don’t watch fans I watch football what a stupid title I didn’t even read the dam thing..

  • Anonymous

    Untold is one of the best football websites. Full stop. If you like intelligent analysis of everything to do with Arsenal in particular or football generally it is one of the best sites on the web. History, tactics, referees, finances, the lot really… Untold is the daddy. If, on the other hand, you want to wave your willy and insult everybody then it’s not for you. You’ll probably be better off at a site like Le Grove where the lower your IQ the better you’d find the site.

  • Keegans Pants

    Good to see someone questioning the ref system unlike the rest of us sheep.  We all know many of Man Utd’s titles are questionable anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I would think fans of all football teams would support the ref analysis of Untold, which, in spite of certainly being Arsenal-centric, does highlight the injustices incompetent refereeing inflicts on all clubs. They in no way focus negatively on any EPL team, even Stoke. They truly call it down the line, and hopefully the FA are watching the fact that a popular fansite is calling them on their archaic and damaging methodology when it comes to referee selection. Jesus, last year Liverpool suffered a goal after a ball hit a beach ball, and it was given! The system needs to change, and we as football fans need to unite, irrespective of club allegiance, to call the english reffing on its bullshit. We do have the technology, and the tools. There’s no excuse for these shoddy refs. It might be “boring” to some people, but it has to be done.

  • pakkapakka

    if you find this sort of stuff boring, maybe you ought to stick to the other kinds of interesting sites :)