Everywhere I turn there seems to be a Newcastle fan, player, commentator saying they are praying that Liverpool beat Everton in their FA Cup semi-final.

The argument of course being that a red scouse win would almost ensure Newcastle’s qualification for the Europa League as a minimum, barring Chelsea winning the Champions League etc etc.

I beg to differ, I want Everton to win.

I’ve got no love for the blue scosuers either but I’m sick of hearing the blind defence of Liverpool by all their media mates, despite a fortune being wasted on some very mediocre players, leading to Kenny’s boys being literally nowhere in the league.

Plus of course do we really want Kenny, Craig, Andy and Jose to be one step nearer to very fortuitously winning another medal?

The only relevance of the cup semi anyway would be with regard to the Europa league anyway and are we really desperate to be in it?

For me there are only two objectives.

The first is the ultimate hike up of Newcastle’s ambitions, qualification for the Champions League. If this was achieved then overnight (if managed correctly by people throughout the club, from the very top downwards) it could propel Newcastle United into the top bracket of English clubs, with every chance of it being sustained in coming years if properly financed and a strategy in place.

The secondary, and only other aim for me, is to finish ahead of as many of the ‘big’ clubs as possible.

Liverpool are all put put to bed, we are currently two points ahead of Chelski and level on point with Spurs. If we could add the scalp of at least one of those to the scousers then it will have been a truly massive season.

If a side product of that is we qualify for the Europa League then all well and good but the major point will be having put down a marker saying we can finish above these teams.

What hopefully it would also do would be to make Mike Ashley have the confidence and ambition to give Alan Pardew the tools to continue the miracle he’s achieved so far.

Champions League qualification would be a miracle, finishing above the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs quite remarkable, qualifying for the Europa League a dubious reward.

  • Guest

    Can’t stand Liverpool. Hate them more than the mackem scum. There’s no way I want them to win.

    • h8utd

      other than dalglish ‘dis-mantling’ your ‘great’ side, why do you hate so much. all i hear from toon mates is that he ripped your ‘great’ side apart to play rush,barnes,etc. maybe so, but a ‘great’ side??? no, if so, what did you win? all i remember is you turning up for two cup finals,getting stage fright, rolling over and dying in embarrassing fashion. if that means ‘great’…you can have it.

      • ben arfa

        before doglish came in we finished 2nd in the leauge and we were always in the top 5 before then. when KK left mid way tho the 96/97 season after beatin spurs 7-1 (fa cup i think) . doglish came in and finshed KK’s season off with kk’s team n got us to a 2nd place finish (even tho after kk left we didnt desever 2nd place). after the 96/97 season doglish sold all our best players n bought in a OAP team in (oldcastle ppl started callin us lmao). We never looked the same again antill Bobby came in. we hate doglish coz of the 1st thing u said in ur comment. if he done that to u (which it looks like he is now but buyin rubbish players with high price tags lol) then u would hate his guts too. any manager messing up a gd team will always be hated. u dont need any other reason. i know we lost the tittle in the 95/96 season but at least we can say we have finished 2nd place more times than liverpool since the PL has started. right now we are ahead of u in the PL n just beat u 2-0 n its NOW what counts the most (ask leeds fans and portsmouth fans). yh u won the mickey mouse cup which most PL clubs dont care about and play their 2nd teams out n subs!!  but u only won that coz doglish knew u had no otha way of gettin into europe next season . ur history is great and is alot better than ours so dont get me wrong!! but doglish is killing u softly (i feel a fugees track coming along now lol) .

        • h8utd

          kd will NEVER be hated by us….in that case do you hate keegan for choking in the title race? do you hate shearer for not being your saviour,when you went down? somehow i doubt it, because they are legends in your eyes.

          • Michael

            U are an absolute idiot you like!!! Iv never wrote on anything like this before but you made my night laughing at your narrow minded stupidity. You have a hopeless team. It’s about now not the past, we are much better then you now!!! An for shearer being overrated? You obviously know nothing about football! Best striker to ever grace the premiership, do stats mean nothing to you. No one will overtake shearer for premier league goals!! You are a fool, but made my night with your pathetic crack hahaha!!!

          • sixfingeredgeeordies

            hahahaha and another fool! premiership yes, over 40 years? no. there was football before that., but a tw*t such as yourself obviously does not realise that. look at your wonderful stats before the re-branding,and there somewhere around the early to mid 80’s, rush netted 50 times in one season while still picking up medals. how many did wonderful alan win???  i did use the word hackeneyed didn’t i? maybe that was your calling!? “sore stick that op ya nooocassle ars ol” 

      • Paul Soulsby

        That was’nt Keegans side ya beaut, he  left in January 97 to be repaced by Dogleash, 98 was his team, 99 was Gullits, and that is kind of the point brains.

        • h8utd

          in english please,then i will reply.

  • jim

    shh liverpool winning will benefit newcastle are you that stupid you dont want your team in europe?

  • Anonymous


  • Mashley

    Yes you are the only one … call yourself a toon fan!?

  • Gerry

    ‘very fortuitously winning another medal’

    Seems a bit of a strange comment to make when I don’t recall Liverpool having good fortune in the Cups but I do remember them playing their strongest 11 and showing the Cup competitions some respect unlike a lot of other clubs. Personally, I would say that makes their Cup runs deserved and not fortuitous.

    • h8utd

      ah, it’s ok lads, i have found the toon fan with the common sense. do us a favour fella, hand a little bit out to your fellow supporters who are sadly lacking.

  • Nicfgn

    You would want to put some rennie in your bitter mate. Mike Ashley and ambition in the same sentence don’t make me laugh,if Newcastle reach champions league he will sell your best players and the club if he can find a mug stupid enough to buy a club run by its supporters

    • Mijmo

       no ambition? biggest sports retailer in UK and well on his way to doing the same in the US! No ambition there then lazy,fat, greedy Bas***d Wonder where he got his 2 billion from oh right by not having any ambition duh!

  • spending over the odds on players? a bit rich comming from newcastle,you lot have the pattern on it,real madrid wanted owen out because of injuries and the team had to revolve around him to get the best out of him,liverpool play hardball and say no more than 11mill, what happens next?geordie boys throw 16mill plus over a 100k wages,THe spanish giants think its xmas and snap there hands off u,i wont mention the numerous more players you have bought over the odds because my fingers will hurt,from a scousers point of veiw we all agree we have spent over the odds but and a big but we could win two trophies this season, when can newcastle say they have won anything?the silence is deafening.

    • The MagPie

      You wont mention them because you cant think of any!

    • h8utd

      shearer,over rated and didn’t lead you to success only relegation.

      • Paul Soulsby

        Overrated ?, the best Britiish striker of the last 40 years for gods sake.

        • h8utd

          better than rush or lineker? not so sure.

  • Dean

    As a Liverpool fan, I don’t think qualifying for the CL would be a miracle for Newcastle! I think it’s very possible! And seriously – I hope you do – you currently have an awesome team which deserves a place in the CL more than Chelsea does for sure. Good luck!

    • Lualua17

      Thanks mate personally I have no problem with Liverpool or there fans at all and I hope you win the FA cup. I can understand if people are wanting our ex players to fail that is what most supporters probably feel when players leave there clubs, but above that I don’t get the animosity towards Liverpool on this thread.

  • geoff777

    Liverpool win for me.
    If we get into Europe because of it …
    They’ve been lucky to have all home ties but have beaten Man United, Brighton (remember them?) and Stoke.

    C’mon you bindippers

  • scone

    what an idiot! our run in is very difficult so 6th is probable. to put the demise of liverpool and the unhappiness of ex players ahead of European footy is simply pathetic 

  • h8utd

    fortuitously winning the fa cup???????? explain please. you were beaten by brighton, we beat brighton, we beat stoke, etc. where does fortune come into us getting to the semi-final,regardless of whether you want us to win or not? are you the ONLY fan you ask? judging by your stupid,thick, comments……probably, yes.

  • Newkie

    I can’t stand Liverpool either, indeed if/when they do get to the final, I’ll be cheering their downfall whether they play chelski or spurs, neither teams that I like but they’re miles ahead of the bin dippers.

    Nevertheless they can do us a favour and we need to recognsie that. This “dubious reward” of Europa league is actually something many of our players are looking forward to I think-Cabaye, Tiote, Krul, Ba/Cisse/Benny and if it helps us keep them then all the better!

  • Colin Mallia

    I’m not sure if you’re the only Newcastle fan wishing that, but ther aint many NU fans anyway, considering we outnumber you by about 10,000 : 1. I’m fascinated how after a good season at NU all the snails come crawling out of their hiding. 

    • Uksoldier90

      what the fuck are you on about muppet,  obviously a plastic scouser

    • NUFCpaulinLiverfool

       Might have something to do with the amount of foreign fans you have…

      • h8utd

        what?that we are a globally supported club,unlike your insular outfit, and you don’t like that? if you don’t like ‘fans’ from outside your ‘area’ following your club, you are a div of the highest order. are you sure you are not an everton fan? if that truly is a problem for you, no wonder the term ‘inbred’ was created,just for people like you. laughably pathetic!

        • DANUFC

          I am fine with liverpool fans from the slums of your city or with some kind of meaningful connection to it but can you say that over half of your “fans” are not glory hunters?

          • h8utd

            the term ‘glory hunter’ should apply to all football fans. what else do you want? ‘failure hunter’?

        • Paul Soulsby

          “globally supported club” yet sound like a club exec ffs, let me guess, yer one of the “Sky” generation ?, yer have to have a go at clubs like Everton, a club rooted in their community, not infested with datytrippers from god knows where  like your mob.

          • h8utd

            hahaha, tosser! no fella, i have been going regularly,home/away/europe, for over 38 years. yes, i do have a go at narrow minded,insular,people like you, who obviously like to keep things close to home . you are someone who hates ‘outsiders’, a little bit sad and creepy that attitude. do you not want your club popular anywhere other than tyneside? a pathetic attitude that keeps your club at a certain level. do you have any ambition at all? keep it in the family eh? what an oddball! lfc are a community club who welcomes anybody who wants to be part of it,but you will never understand that view,with your blinkered eyes.

          • Tone Army

            so you’re an adult :o I honestly thought you were 14 at the most by your responses.

          • h8utd

            questioning my age,by someone who uses emoticons in their messages!!!! twat. 

          • Tone Army

            questioning your mental age really ya dope, either way you have some growing up to do, good luck with that & have a nice life, bye now.

          • h8utd

            strange individual.

    • NUFC

      52,000 fans a week equals more fans than most clubs on this planet. Do the maths.

      • h8utd

        oh yes the ‘loyal’ geordie support. those same ‘loyal’ fans who, before you went up to the top division all those years ago, you had empty seats and terracing,something like around ten thousand would turn out! amazing how many suddenly remembered they ‘supported’ the club when you got promoted. so don’t cite this 52,000 bollocks..just like chelscum,they were the same,now look at them. disgraceful.

        • DANUFC

          Newcastle haven’t won a trophy since 1969 and no domestic trophy since 1955 so I would love to see what sort of pathetic attendances Liverpool or Chelsea would get if that were the case with them. You seem to forget that just two seasons ago when we were in the championship we had the 4th highest average attendance in the country in front of both liverfool and chelski.

        • Paul Soulsby

          Don’t let the facts get in the way soft lad, in 84 when your mob won a Championship -European Cup – League Cup treble your mob had about 1500 a game more than Second Division Newcastle United. As for the gaps on the terraces  in that season Liverpools lowest league  attendance was lower than Newcastles, FACT. If ya wanna look back a bit further, in 1948 Newcastle were promoted with an average of over 56’000, a record in the first 80 seasons of league football, and better than your mob the reigning champions managed that year  by quite some distance. Unlike Anfield our ground isn’t infested with daytripping wools, Anfield is second only to Old Trafford in the glory hunter stakes.  After half a century in which LFC have never been out of the top 8 and spent a good proprtion of that time hoovering up trophies, you should be getting better gates than the likes of Newcastle, don’t forget we averaged over 45’000 in the Championship, lowest crowd just under 37’000, Liverpool have had lower than that in the  Premiership ya beaut. A couple of deacdes of mediocrity wil sort LFC’s attendances out don’t you worry, if FSG leave brains in charge for the next twenty years it will all be too real don’t you worry.

          • h8utd

            infested with day trippers?? how fucking inbred do you make yourself sound? i thought iit was only norfolk people that liked to keep it in the family.you are one creepy fucker.

  • Robby33

    You have missed one massive point. Players will leave without European football.

  • Lyle

    Not particularly bothered about the media fascination about the spent force that is Liverpool,just concerned about the Toon.So I hope they beat Everton and go on to loose heavily in the final.  

    • h8utd

      at least we will turn up for the final if we get there. your two attempts were pathetic.

      • Paul Soulsby

        Don’t be so sure this season.

        • h8utd

          make that 3. you did fuck all in 1974 too,even with mighty mouth.

  • Mark

    Stupid article. I couldn’t care less whether Liverpool win the FA Cup or not. I just care about Newcastle United, and I want us to qualify for Europe next year, retain the core of our squad, add to it, and push for Champions League qualification next season.


  • Kieranp_rocks

    I dislike Liverpool fans because they are stupid enough to think their club is still one of the biggest in the world when in recent years they’ve became nothing more than a club capable of finishing around 6-9

    • h8utd

      in terms of appeal and fan base/revenue, we are still one of the biggest. that has nothing to do with league position, if it did, we would be as insular thinking as you and everton.

  • Munster Mag

    H8utd, if you’re too stupid not to acknowledge how poor Dalglish was when he managed Newcastle, its not our problem. Put it this way, his useless son Paul managed to get onto our payroll, when we were one of the top sides in England. Laughable.  You deserve him, and can keep him, believe me! He told us that he an encyclopaedic knowledge of footballers too! Yeah right Kenny. Barnes, Guivarch, Rush, Hooper, Paul Dalglish etc…Sadly for you, your owners didnt check out his transfer ability before bankrolling his stupidity.

    • h8utd

      sorry divhead, stupid is something i don’t associate with. i couldn’t care less how much supposed damage he did to your outfit. as for fsg not doing their homework and bankrolling his stupidity? commoli negotiated the fees, thats why he is no more. all of a sudden carroll and enrique are shite according to your mob. all you see is the price tag, when everyone knows the money spent on certain players was well wide of the mark..but that goes for many,many players at many,many clubs. you were gutted to lose carroll otherwise you wouldn’t have such distain for him less than 24 months after kissing his arse with love. whatever the reasons,money,  no doubt,for him wanting to go, your outfit were right to sell. commoli has cocked up price wise. every signing we have made apart from that useless c*** charlie adam, i think will do well,eventually.  i think you need to get over the fact,that whatever dalglish broke up when he joined you, he didn’t really break much up at all. you choked at every turn and acheived nothing…….so we are accused of living in the past,i think your stupidity and denseness strangles any appreciation of facts. 

      • Munster Mag

        H8Utd, try to be a little more mature in your response will you? Using expressions like Divhead doesnt suggest you are the sharpest tool in the shed. I agree re Enrique, a bad loss for the club, and a v good player, capable of playing for far better than Liverpool incidentally. Carroll is also very seful, but your hero Kenny doesnt seem to be able to get him to do the business. So he’s a tactical tool, and not a great judge of players, and made a balls of the Racism row ( along with Camolli ) and oversaw the spending of huge cash on overrated players like Henderson. But you just hang Camolli? Smell the coffee sunshine. Kenny’s day is long gone. And yes, he made sh1te of our club, so whether u care or not about that fact is irrelevant….

        • h8utd

          it’s a term of endearment,don’t be so touchy. but yours eyes let you down. as i stated, and you have obviously missed or chose to ignore,commoli oversaw the spending of huge cash sums not kd. that is why he was sacked. fsg want younger players, carroll,henderson,suarez,coates,downing,fit the criteria. so kd delivered a good part of that. commoli was supposed to spend wisely…..thats why he is now in france. yes kd has made errors…charlie ‘great left foot’ adam. every transfer is a gamble.

      • Paul Soulsby

        Granted Kevs team won nothing but if ya think finishes of 3rd, 6th, 2nd and 2nd in the first four seasons after promotion amounts to nothing, well I bet You would take “nothing”  over the next four years  ?. All of that from bottom 3 in what is now the Championship to 3rd in the Premiership, in 25 months and playing good football too, whilst not wasting fortunes on players that were not good enough. We don’t live in the past, we just don’t like people who shafted us, bit like the warm welcome Bryan Clough OBE got on visits to Anfield. FSG seem like a real well run outfit to hand Commoli al that wedge to waste, so much for “moneyball” eh soft lad ?, do one wack !

        • h8utd

          but you do live in the past,you keep banging on about how kd destroyed you. remind me how recent was that…….soft lad?

  • Utd111.com

    “Am I the only Newcastle Fan who wants Everton to beat Liverpool?”

    You certainly are – dumplin heed!!


    I hate Liverpool, its a combination of their players, dogleash and most of all there fans. To think they used to be my second team. In all honesty I would rather Everton won anyway as firstly the Europa League is just a cheap substitute and we do not have the required squad. If we did finish 6th then it would be put down to Liverpool not playing well in the league and to be considered a real elite club we would need to finish 5th at least which will probably not happen, and so for those reasons I will be cheering Everton on this weekend.

  • Suspicious_puddle

    I think it speaks volumes that the main antagonist on this thread has chosen the name “h8utd”, do you prioritise the demise of your “rivals” over your love for your own team?. How about trying to spark up some debate on a Liverpool fan site about how “king” kenny is going to waste some more money in the summer rather than scouring other sites getting into pointless squabbles over who has “better” fans? Kids in a schoolyard arguing over who has more friends comes to mind.

  • Suspicious_puddle

    I’m also sick of seeing people slagging articles on this site, it’s an independent fan site which exists so people can have their own opinion, why not try being a bit more constructive than “this article is stupid”?

    • h8utd

      ooohh!! get her!

  • Chris Goodall

    I dislike Liverpool because of the pity they heap upon themselves. Theres a minutes silence almost every home game. I dont care who wins as european qualification is still in our own hands if we can win our remaining games. 2 more things.. Why is your name not loveliverpool instead of H8utd and why are you on a Newcastle post?

    • h8utd

      newsnow direct stories this way,so i thought i’d have a laugh, and by fuck,have i!?!?! see my reply below as to why.

  • Juniorchubbs

    i dont know if i’m missing something here, but as a newcastle united fan, i visit newcastle united related sites.

    i don’t visit sunderland sites,

    i don’t visit manchester united sites,

    i don’t visit any other teams sites………………..

    so why are the liverpoop fans coming on here bleating on about their poor out of touch manager and overpriced overhyped castoffs?

    keep your liverpoop opinions on merseyside, when i want a scouse eye view of things, i’ll rummage through the bins.

    • h8utd

      just to have a laugh at the various hackeneyed,insular views that many of your ‘family’ have, with regards to how your club see the world outside. conclusion? it’s quite sad. by the way, ‘chubbs’, you can google some of the terms i have stated…i don’t expect you to understand them.

      • Juniorchubbs

        you just love that word insular don’t you??


        • Juniorchubbs

          and loving the way you put my ‘name’ in ‘these’. really makes me feel like youre talking down to me. terms…….stfu.

  • h8utd

    oh well sad acts, you didn’t get your wish. yet another cup final…..bollocks to you all. hail st.martin o’neill.

    • Duffman

      ha! it shows the desperation when a mackem takes the time to come to a toon website to have a pop. Jebus. Sort yourself out fella.

      • Duffman

        After further reading i have seen that you are a liverpool fan. wtf. why are you here? I admit to reading one comment and making a presumption in error, but i completely regret reading all of your guff. ha. Its so sad its laughable. Hope you enjoy going to various other clubs websites and stirring as i doubt any liverpool fans want to read your cack anyway, gutter we have to suffer it but it does add amusement to my day 

        • h8utd

          and for one with obvious lack of intelligence,you certainly are easily.

      • h8utd

        mackem?? try again sunshine, i would not follow a side from the nth east area even if there was no evidence of inbreeding. mackem,geordie,smoggie???i shit em. 

  • Juniorchubbs

    h8utd. seems as though maybe you being on this forum 24hrs a day is stopping you from topping yourself or fiddling with minors. if this is the case, please stay on as even though you are obviously a burden on yourself and the people around you (if indeed you do have anyone that cares for you) i don’t like to wish misfortune on folk.

    please get the help you need to overcome your bitterness which drives you to troll on other supporters websites.

    if any mods could send someone round like alan robson does on the nightowls, it would be appreciated.

    hope to hear from you soon h8utd. don’t take the easy way out.

    • Radfd

      Why do you react to the goading? If other fans want to say stuff like he has,let them,and ignore!! It does tend to make yourself and all the other reactors look a bit stupid really. Just gloss over it, though he did have a slight point with regards to the popularity of both clubs. I would love us to be as well thought of worldwide,they are,you can’t deny.