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Stand Up For Atmosphere At Newcastle United

10 years ago

Oz Is Harder Than Yosser!!

5under1and at home = Bedlam.  Norwich at home = boredom.  Liverpool at home = ?

I don’t go for this ‘Liverpool fans should have the final say on standing in football grounds’ as they stand as much, if not more than anyone.  How many sat down at Wembley the other week and how many will be seated in St James’ on Sunday?  Not many I’d wager.  Fingers crossed Kenneth, Craig, Andrew and Jose don’t overcome their losing run.A last minute winner off Super Sub Shola’s arse will do me.

Does anyone else cringe when the manager or players give us the old ‘we need the fans to get right behind us’ speech?  Maybe someone can explain why some fans showed gusto in the derby game but couldn’t be arsed 2 weeks later?  Which version of supporter will turn up on Sunday?

Do we really need to be told?  Is it because the atmosphere at the previous game was crap?  Are they worried we’ll sit in silence because we’re in the huff with the owner again? Do they realise the dynamics in the stadium have been sterilised?  We surely all know the problems since Level 7 (removal of the singing section) was decimated so I won’t bore you with more on that.

Whatever their motivation I don’t need them telling me my vocal support would be nice to have for the next game.  I’m one of those who wants to shout, scream, sing, clap, pogo and join in most other things that go on on the terraces (sorry seated areas).  I’d be quite happy to do this in any stadium where not much is going on for 90 minutes plus.  It shouldn’t matter if it’s Barca in the Champions League or Wycombe Wanderers on a wet Wednesday night in the league cup.  It shouldn’t matter if we’ve lost the last 10 games 5-0.  Today’s a fresh start.

I realise many fans do not want to do any of these things.  Again that’s fine with me.  It’s just a shame we don’t have a specific seated area for those people to join so us participators don’t annoy them.  I appreciate some people cannot stand or just choose not to.  That’s why we try and get seats at the back so the concrete wall is the only one affected by our uprightness.

I hear comments berating the ‘shoes off if you love the Toon’ chants (as an example).  I may not always have time to get my shoes off as usually it’s those young uns with slip ons or loosely laced shoes joining in rather than the blokes my age (41) who still wear 18 hole Dr Marten Boots.  At least these folk are trying to generate an atmosphere and have a bit of a laugh at the same time.  Is that so wrong?  Do we really want them to sit down and be quiet so we can hear the racist abuse on the pitch?  We’re not at the Theatre Royal you know!!

The players have to give us something to get excited about in return.  Keegan and Robson’s teams generally did that.  Dalglish, Souness and Alladyce’s teams did not.  Fortunately this season they have managed to generate some excitement but when the chips are down, the game is dull, frustration sets in, nobody puts in that crunching tackle or pot shot at goal then the crowd can easily drift into a coma or start thinking about what’s on telly when they get home.

Maybe we’ll get Delia along for a motivational half-time speech if it’s quiet.

Just my observations of course…



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