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Sing In The Cheap Seats At Newcastle United

10 years ago


Newcastle United have just announced that last year’s ten year price deal for season ticket holders has now been put in front of season ticket holders again, they can now join on for the next nine years. This is what NUFC released…


Following the success of Newcastle United’s groundbreaking ten-year fixed-price season ticket deal, which began at the start of the current campaign, the Club has unveiled a new nine-year scheme starting next season for supporters who missed out on the offer.

The 20,000 fans who took advantage of the ten-year price freeze, offered in February 2011, will see no increase in their season ticket cost until the summer of 2021 and can simply opt out should their circumstances alter.

Now the Club is offering fans a second chance to come on board with the initiative, freezing this year’s season ticket price for a further nine years.  There will be no price increase for fans choosing the nine year deal, compared to a five per cent price increase for season tickets purchased for 2012/13 only.

Tickets can be paid for annually or by monthly Direct Debit, and signing up to the offer also means a five per cent saving on the 2012/13 campaign. Supporters can opt out of the offer if they choose (opt outs for the following season must be received by 31st January).

To avoid disappointment, the club wishes to clarify that there will be no repeat of the half-price season ticket deal that was offered to existing season ticket holders in October last year.

As with everything to do with Newcastle United nothing is straightforward and there are various ways of looking at this.

Firstly, if you are a season ticket holder and intend to go next season then we’d suggest signing up to the scheme because you are protecting yourself against future price increases. If you decide to stop going the season after next or any of those following eight seasons then you aren’t penalised in anyway.

The only thing you would have to watch for is to cancel by the end of next January if you didn’t intend to go the season after next. Even then you aren’t losing out from having been part of the scheme if you then changed your mind and after cancelling did decide to get a season ticket in the end, you would just be paying the same as any new season ticket holder.

Secondly, another angle on this is how it impacts on the future financial health of Newcastle United. If say the club end up with over 30,000 on this scheme, in 8 or 9 years time the majority of the fans will probably be paying around half the going price.

If we aspire to future glory then I’m not convinced that this will help NUFC long-term and could in fact hinder any hopes of the club being successful.

Thirdly, whatever you think about this season’s improved results and performances and what credit, if any, Mike Ashley deserves for it, you can be quite sure that the season ticket freeze deal is not being done for our (the fans) future health and prosperity.

It isn’t that I think they will try and go back on this deal and even though they have forced you to be a member as part of the season ticket deal and added £15 last year & another tenner this year, I don’t think they are going to use this as an underhand way of adding a further £50 a season to your season ticket, on top of the £25 each year for your club membership.

I do think that the season ticket freeze is part of an overall plan to present the club in the best possible position for selling it on, having tens of thousands of fans on long-term season ticket deals (no matter you aren’t obliged to renew) will look attractive to any interested parties. If you still don’t believe they make it up as they go along, the deadline for the ten year freeze kept getting extended last year and now this ‘once only’ offer…is offered again.

Whether most fans getting in for half price in years to come will handicap the future prospects of Newcastle United is no concern of Mike Ashley because I don’t believe for one second he sees himself at St.James’ Park in 2 or 3 years, never mind 2021!



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