I know from speaking to various players over the years they DO look at how they are rated after matches, don’t believe all this ‘I never look at the papers’ nonsense.

We don’t carry player ratings as part of our match report but after putting it to the editorial team I have officially been appointed as The Mag jury and here are my marks (out of 10) for the mackem match;

Krul (8)
Simpson (6)
Coloccini (8)
Williamson (4)
Santon (7)
Ryan Taylor (6)
Tiote (6)
Cabaye (6)
Gutierrez (6)
Cissé (5)
Ba (6)
(For Santon 46mins) Ben Arfa (8)
(For Cissé 72mins) Shola (8)
(For Ryan Taylor 89mins) Lovenkrands (not on long enough)

Following on from their new contracts, Colocconi and Krul gave commanding performances and along with Shola and Ben Arfa (my man of the match) they took the honours.

What do you think?

  • frog

    Santon 7? you’re having a laugh!!!! can’t defend, can’t tackle and can’t cross with his left foot, often leaves the defence exposed while walking back into position

    • Paul Soulsby

      It’s always nice to here young players encouraged, You could arguably have said similar about Enrique when he was finding his feet in the English game, he didn’t turn out too bad, personally I think Santon is very promising. PATIENCE.

  • Teasdalec

    Williamson 3 i reckon, clearly not good enough for premier league

  • Suspicious_puddle

    The Sun’s laughable match report gave each of our subs a paltry 5, whilst all mackem subs (including Frazier Campbell who gave away the pen) received 6… Shoddy, shoddy journalism!

    • GeordieBen

      That’s what you get reading a) The Sun and/or b) any newspaper. They probably had to be reminded we were even playing given that Spurs and Man Yoo is clearly more important to the media. I doubt they watched it.

  • Mal

    I wouldn’t disagree much. I thought cabaye was disappointing (a 5 for me), and has been for a few games now (though a class act that will come good again) and, rather bizzarely given the comments below, I would give Wilkinson a 5. He had a decent second half and had a hand in our goal though him giving away a penalty has been an accident waiting to happen for some time now – if he’d managed to get nearer the attacker in the 1st minute of the wolves game he would have given away one then. Hopefully he has learnt from this.

  • Deanski

    Krul 7, Simpson 6, Williamson 6, Coloccini 7, Santon 6, R Taylor 8, Cabaye 7, Tiote 6, Gutirrrez 6, Cisse 6, Ba 6. Subs: Ameobi 8 (MoM), Ben Arfa 7, Lovenkrands 6.