Just Making Do

The recent criticism and jeering of Danny Simpson and Mike Williamson makes me think of one simple question.

Who else can we play?

Do people genuinely expect us to play Perch as a centre half?! I’ve heard people say put Santon at right-back and Ferguson left-back; now don’t get me wrong I see some potential in Ferguson but at this stage in the season we cannot afford to be playing a young and unproven left-back who in my opinion lacks the physical presence to be a top premiership defender. Simpson might have made a few mistakes and yes Williamson does appear to have all the attributes of a scared turtle when the ball is played to him, sometimes though you just have to make do with what you’ve got.

The Steven Taylor injury was a big setback but the league table proves that we’ve still managed to get results and defend without him. The addition of some Dutch defenders in the summer should give our squad a bit of substance and who knows Simpson may even sign a new contract after what seems to be years of negotiations.

Are the fans jeering and booing these defenders the same knackers that have a go at Obertan regardless of what he does. I heard a guy sitting behind me at SJP refer to Obertan as a player that he hates. Why?!

This ‘fan’ justified this in conversation to his equally inept mate by saying ‘you have to hate one player and I’ve chosen him’. What utter tripe!

Surely when you take your seat in the SDA, oops sorry SJP, (all that advertising must be having an effect on me), you should be getting behind every single player that puts on the black and white jersey. Why would an alleged fan choose to dislike one player?

This brings me back to the problem of Simpson and Williamson. They seem to have survived up until now this season, so we should be encouraging them and supporting them as we prepare for a tough fixture list and what will hopefully be an exciting end to the season. We all have our favourite players (I liked Olivier Bernard when he was gracing the left wing with bone crunching challenges and getting little to no help from a certain Mr Robert) and that should be the way with football, but unless fans realise that the whole team needs to have their support we will just drag players down and lose games.

It sounds simple because it bloody well is.

If you pay your money to go and watch NUFC then obviously you’re entitled to an opinion but if you want to boo then just stay at home and enjoy Sky pundits preaching about the most exciting league in the world.

For the real fans, see you in the stands of SDA, oops SJP!!

  • Fhmagpie13

    Referring to it as SDA then correcting your mistake….its not even funny in the
    slightest, please stop it.

    • Sallous

      I stopped reading after the SDA comment. What a tool

  • HamburgerTOON

    So your basing everyones views on one spacker are you? I don’t hate any of our players, but there are certain players who should never be given the opportunity to grace the famous B&W in my opinion, for example Ranger.

  • Predhem

    Saying you hate somebody for their short comings is not on but there are players, Obertan amongst them, who you do not want in your team and i think this fan was just saying that. Pretty sure he wold give the reasons if asked I.e. no bottle etc

  • Lintonlad

    I agree with Nathan, anyone who boos a player wearing our jersey, in the current overstretched team, is a knob.  Deride them after they’ve gone (Owen, Marcelino, Boumsong) but not while they are playing a game for us.

  • lee dixon

    I hate people who think they can tell you what you can and cant do and that if you do or dont do as they say then your not entitled to support NUFC, what about all the demoralizing public show of anger towards williamson when he thought he was messi against Norwich? i suppose that sort of stuff is ok because your not exactly booing, same thing if u ask me like still going to knock the lads confidence isnt it, and your lying if you say you just sat their and stayed silent after they had got their shot off, where were all the superfans like the taylor and besty and other NUFC fan police, when the WHOLE crowd were booing at times during the reigns of allardyce/kinnear/ardilles/smith/mcfaul etc il tell you where they were, they were booing il bet my life on it.
    PS, SDA? give your head a wobble mate.

  • Mr T

    What I don’t like is when people follow other people with regards to players not to like. There was an old bloke who was next to me at the match who would slag off Aaron Hughes for everything, never give him any credit and always highlight any mistakes he made. This gradually caught on with the people around us so that in the end everybody was calling him worse than s**t. If somebody is having a crap game or you think they’re not a good player fair enough, everybody has they’re opinions but it seems to me Williamson and Simpson are the least liked by the fans so everybody jumps on the bandwagon. It wasn’t that long ago everybody was slagging off Coloccini if memory serves me right and now look at him.

  • Dave

    Lost interest when you referred to it as the ‘SDA’ as if you were trying to wind people up, guess you’ll be off the the stadium of shite for the mackems next match?

  • In reply to Lee Dixon 
    With regard to the Kinnear/Allerdyce/Souness days, I’m the first to admit, the brand of football played and the way the players handled themselves meant that we were all united in our dissapointment. Some people boo, some shout and swear. I’ve always been the shouty sweary type more than the booing type as I find it easier to express myself with a mouth full of expletives as oppose to a mouth full of vowels. The abuse levelled at some of our players this season has been disgraceful in my opinion, especially with the team playing so well and so high up the league, I just feel that it’s counter productive and unnecessary. In response to your label of ‘super fans’ and ‘nufc fan police’ I think you may be a little wide of the mark. We are simply two tits who produce a podcast and have a twitter feed. Both are optional forms of social media and both serve to allow us publish our opinions and those of others we agree with. We don’t even pretend to be super fans (Taylor doesn’t even have a season ticket, the rascal), unlike some and we’ve missed a fair few games this season, we just make a podcast and enjoy it. Much love T&B x