We don’t carry player ratings as part of our match report but after putting it to the editorial team I have officially been appointed as The Mag jury and here are my marks (out of 10) for the Norwich match;

Krul (8)
Simpson (6)
Coloccini (8)
Williamson (6)
Gutierrez (7)
Ben Arfa (7)
Perch (7)
Cabaye (7)
Guthrie (6)
Ba (7)
Cissé (7)

(For Ben Arfa 63mins) Santon (7)
(For  Cissé 69mins) Shola (7)
(For Guthrie 76 mins) Gosling (6)

A hard fought three points and his well earned clean sheet gives Tim Krul man of the match ahead of Coloccini.

What do you think?

  • Mal

    These marks confirm my long held opinion that past reputations matter more than what actually happens. To give shola and santon (both on the pitch for less than 30 minutes) the same marks as perch is quite honestly an insult. Perch was absolutely outstanding – but he has history so gets marked down.

  • David Almond

    Oh how we like opening a can of worms, cos not everybody wears the same glasses.

  • DeanoB

    Krul 8, Simpson 7, Williamson 6, Coloccini 7, Gutierrez 8, Ben Arfa 7, Guthrie 7, Cabaye 8 (MoM), Perch 7, Ba 7, Cisse 8.
    Subs: Santon 6, Gosling 6, Ameobi 6.

  • Dave

    Got to agree with the first comment, while I’ve often been critical of Perch in the past he didn’t put a foot wrong at all and was by far and a way my MoTM. 

  • andy

    Perch filled in for tiote perfectly. The thing we always get from perch is effort as he knows he is punching above his weight playing for us that for me counts an awful lot more than ability. So well done perch

  • PeteG

    Agree with Mr Almond, we all wear diffrent specs. Krul and Spidey 8, absolutely spot on. Cabaye 8? He’s so overated it’s untrue. He’s our creator. Tell me what does he create. Like Tiote he seems to have become beyond criticism. Runs around a lot though!!