Newcastle United and Sunderland have been fined £40,000 and £20,000 respectively after both clubs admitted a charge of failing to ensure their players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion and/or refrained from provocative behaviour.

The incident, which also saw both teams being warned as to their future conduct, occurred in the 19th minute of their game on 4 March 2012 and followed a challenge by Sunderland’s James McClean on Newcastle’s Danny Simpson.

As this is Newcastle United’s second misconduct charge of a similar nature in the same season, the standard punishment fine has been doubled in line with current regulations.

  • mojo

    So, we get fined £40k, and they get fined £20k for ‘failing to control our players’, yet there were same amount from both sides involved in that melee?.

    Then, Sunderland had TWO players sent off – so which team was actually failing to control their players, and deserved the bigger fine??

    • Mikene3

      Absolutely. The fine also fails to take into account the fact the incident was a direct result of a rash challenge from McClean…a challenge worthy of a red card.

      Once again the FA prove that they are a joke of an organisation and cannot be trusted as the custodians of the national game.