The embarrassing conduct of the sunderland manager after the match has been almost as entertaining as Shola’s injury time intervention.

Having been in the mackem job for all of two minutes, Martin O’Neill is already showing all the usual signs of cracking up in the face of living in the shadow of Newcastle United.

After the trampy behaviour O’Neill showed on Sunday including refusing to hang around for the usual post-match drink with the opposing manager and falsely accusing Newcastle United staff of trying to influence the referee at half-time, today O’Fool called a special press conference to tell the world….sunderland are much better than Newcastle and the black & whites were really nasty to his players. That’s it.

Here is the Wearside comedian’s ‘professional’ opinion….

'You're An Embarrassment'

“I find it extraordinary that sort of interpretation (Pardew accusing them of being dirty mackems) has been put on the game.

How anyone could say we were the dirty side is beyond me.

The first two fouls in the game came inside the first three minutes and they were ours, but the next seven fouls over the next quarter-of-an-hour were all from the opposition.

At half-time, I think we went in with two yellows and Newcastle with four.

We also felt that there were a few yellow card decisions in there that Newcastle were lucky to get away with, so how anyone could say we were the dirty side is beyond me.

I was very proud of my players. We won the first half, had the best chance before the hour in the second-half and then held out successfully for half-an-hour with just 10 men.

It was terribly unfortunate that we conceded in injury-time, but I don’t think anyone could argue that we weren’t the better side on the day.

Well, I say I don’t think so – but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone tried”.

So the mackems aren’t dirty but had two players sent off and somebody booked within the first 30 seconds, their captain who ran directly at Tiote and launched himself at the man while ignoring the ball. You would have to be naive in the extreme to believe the captain’s manager had no part in that.

As for O’Fool claiming they were the better team on the day, I think somebody had better sack the person on the BBC Sport website who has the job of counting things…. 24 shots to 7, 57% possession to 43% and 19 corners to 4, as well as a penalty saved and a header against the crossbar. You’d think he was mental or something….

Well it didn’t take plastic Geordie Steve Bruce very long to feel the pressure and now O’Fool will be dusting down his record collection for our next visit to mackemland (if he hangs around until then…); Madness with ‘You’re An Embarrassment’ seems to fit nicely.

  • Just had the Pards’ is like your club ‘classless’ argument thrown at me. I’m lost when it comes to this ‘class’ argument

  • Paul Soulsby

    Marty Ziff is and always has been, about blarney and motivation, he’s nowt like his old gaffer Cloughie, his teams played good football for one and he wouldn’t have tolerated a shithouse like Clattermole.

  • Steve P

    Difference is though Simon, Pardew stood back after the game, took a moment to think and apologised if his actions crossed the line, whereas O’Neill did his press bit, made a completely unfounded and unsupportable claim and fucked off like a spoilt child. The mackems can claim all the ‘class’ they want without looking at or reading cold hard facts. If you want a list of safc’s classlessness, just go to true faith and read the little piece on it there!

  • Pardew No Class

    Ha way lads… to be fair the way Pardew celebrated for the penalty being given… just made himself look like a pratt.  Fine, celebrate… but doing it in front of opponents bench…pretty classless if you ask me.

  • Policy Compliance

    Oh…. and did anyone mention the ‘class’ of Tiote’s acting… should be up for a Oscar!!! “Class”!

  • Shola Amageordie

    Pards at least came out and said it was over the top and apologised in a fashion. 
    Also Pardew has had the class to ignore O’Fool’s antagonistic  comments in today’s press conference.
    I agreed Tiote did make a meal of it but would the ref have acted if he hadn’t? 
    He did get hit in the face and whilst I don’t encourage what he did, it was necessary 

  • The facts

    O’Neill just said facts in response to Pardew’s comments about The Mackems ‘setting the tone’ in the first half. The facts were that Newcastle had twice as many booked, ad twice as many fouls committed. 

    Shola – “He did get hit in the face and whilst I don’t encourage what he did, it was necessary ”

    So what you’re saying is it’s necessary to cheat? 

    … if you’re saying it’s necessary to act the way he did, in order to get another player sent off… then I think that’s disgusting.

    Almost as disgusting as Pardew’s behavior on the touchline… and that idiot Mike Ashley’s behaviour in the Exec box… downing pints,l doing the conga round the board room after beating the mackems last time.

    So hang on… that’s the Chairman, Manager, Players all acting like absolute idiots, bad sportsmen, cheats…. oh, and fans condoning it….. jesus, what is this club coming to?

    • Shola Amageordie

      It was an exaggeration of a foul, not creating a foul out of thin air, it was a foul. It’s speculation to say whether or not the referee would still have given it. And it’s not a part of the game I like at all, but your kidding yourself if you think they wouldn’t have done the same. 

      Secondly, I don’t think anyone condones the actions of Ashley,
      And not sure where you get the rest of this rant from:
      “So hang on… that’s the Chairman, Manager, Players all acting like absolute idiots, bad sportsmen, cheats…. oh, and fans condoning it….. jesus, what is this club coming to?”

      • Policy Compliance

        I don’t know what side of the arument you are taking…

        You either think it’s right to cheat, or wrong to cheat…. which is it?

        Rolling around like he’s been shot, to get another player sent off… that is cheating!

        And you think it’s was ‘necessary’…?

        I would have sent them both off. Sessegnon for lashing out. Tiote for being a CHEAT!

        Pardew is the one who has embarressed himself. The rest of the media, and the rest of the internet  sees it… but this website is clearly insular… like most Newcastle fans…

        Newcastle fans see things from a Newcastle perspective… there’s no objective analysis… The fact this article is about getting to O’Neill… well, yeah, if Pardew is going to make stuff up, then, of course O’Neill will defend his team. Though I agree that both Cattermole and Sess derseved to go… no doubt. But On’eill was honest enough to say that anyway.

        Looking at Newcastle… and be honest….  Pardew celebrating with no class… Players cheating to get other players sent off…. fans saying it’s ‘necessary’… and Ashley (how long have you got)?

        Paul – you mention Cloughie… would he be proud of this shameful club?

        • Vasey

          Dear me, have you nothing better to do than try to wind up Newcastle fans. I suppose you’ve got to find something to do while you wait in the dole queue.

          Tiote was fouled. Perhaps he over-reacted but he ws fouled nonetheless. It wasn’t cheating in any form. Even if you refuse to see it like that then you still can’t say that it wasn’t just karma for Cattermole’s frankly disgusting challenge in the first minute.

          Your manager has made a very serious accusation with no evidence to back it up. Both parties involved have denied it. Surely that makes O’Neill a liar?

          • Policy Compliance

            It makes Tiote a cheat.

            Let’s be honest, Cattermole’s challenge was late… and he got booked fair enough.

            Sess threw his arm back… got sent off… can’t argue with that… you raise your hands your off… he caught Tiote on the chest… he went down like he’d been hit in the face with a hammer…. and rolled about…. isn’t he the hard man…. ?

            It is cheating to prentend to be that injured and get another player sent off…. CHEATING!

            Sums Newcastle up really…

            Anyway…I’ll leave it there…. clearly no neutrality on this website…. just geordies being geordies…. Tiote did nothing wrong… Pardew was fine acting like a prat on the touchline….

            The deluded Geordie nation staggers on…

            Lads…. You’ll never have that chance to win the league again… Keegan has gone…

            The FACTS ARE:

            Sunderland have won the league 6 times….

            Newcastle 2 times….

            So, there you have it…

            In Summary…

            Newcastle fans are deluded….

            Newcastle Players are cheats…

            Newcastle manager is a pratt…

            And your chairman is an absolute legend!!

            Mike Ashley… I salute you!


  • old owl


  • Policy Compliance

    Tiote and Pardew are the embarrassment. Can you really be proud of that? Does it make you feel good? That you cheat? and that your manager acts like a kid… no class at all. This is why the country laughs at Newcastle

  • Vasey

     So violent conduct is no longer prohibited by the laws of the game then, Policy Compliance?

    Cattermole should have been sent off 30 seconds into the game. Stats might say that Newcastle were the better team but I think overall it was an even contest and the scoreline reflected that.

    Oh, and go take a bath.

  • Steve–t