Ever since Premier League players started earning big bucks it has always been a source of amusement that rather than live amongst the great unwashed who pay their wages, sunderland players can’t get out of the place quick enough to live in Newcastle and spend their money on Tyneside.

As reported in the Shields Gazette;

Sunderland pair due in court over cars damage

TWO Sunderland footballers are due before magistrates, charged with criminal damage to cars near the home of their arch-rivals Newcastle United.

Captain Lee Cattermole and striker Nicklas Bendtner, who is on loan from Arsenal, will face five offences of criminal damage relating to cars parked in Stowell Street in December.

The players, both of Darras Hall, Ponteland, Northumberland, will appear before Newcastle Magistrates’ Court.

So the two probably highest profile (and paid!) players at the mackems are paying to live in Newcastle, socialise (get mortal drunk!) and very likely pay compensation in Newcastle!

This is the kind of ‘character’ our players will be facing on Sunday and before any mackems start, a waste of space like Ranger who is a million miles even from our bench is not in any way a comparable situation.

Maybe Newcastle United will have to produce a DVD they can send down to our rivals and they can show to all players they sign, explaining that they’ll have to live in sunderland unless they can behave like normal people.

  • George Tullin

    They don’t live in Newcastle, they live in Northumberland – even further away from S*land.

  • Joe Sharkey

    George is technically correct, but Darras Hall is a de facto location within the Newcastle city state…

    • Patharty

      Don’t be a muppet. Darras Hall is a part of Ponteland almost exculsively populated by footballers and also the bent-nosed b*****d Bruce (unless he can’t afford it now), but remains in Northumberland. The City and County of Newcastle stops a long way further south, bonny lad and is part of the ceremonial county of Tyne and Wear. Keep The Faith.

      • Juniorchubbs

        ponteland airport? lets not get pernickety about county and city boundaries.

        bottom line is they all live ower here because its a god forsaken place on weyersayde.

      • Joe Sharkey

        I know no Geordies who say they come from ‘Tyne and Wear’ but people from Ponteland definitely say they come from Newcastle: artificial governmentally-imposed legislative borders are essentially meaningless when it comes to questions of identity.  Newcastle, of course, used to be the county town of Northumberland.  I suggest you look up ‘de facto’ if you have a dictionary, Gonzo.


    It does not really matter where the live.
    The main point is where they Don’t live