Obviously you have fifty thousand different opinions inside St.James’ Park anyway but Jonas Gutierrez is one player who totally divides opinion.

Fans tend to either think he’s a 100% hard working winger who never stops running and always tracks back to help his defence…on the other hand there are those who see him as a player who runs around in circles never getting anywhere, with few goals or decent crosses to speak of.

I think that like a lot of players it is only when he isn’t there that you see Jonas’ true value. His workrate is taken for granted by some and as on Sunday, if you put better players like Cissé alongside him then they will turn an ok cross into a sparkling goal and a bonus assist for Gutierrez.

In his time at Newcastle he has hardly been injured and from all the reports I hear, along with Coloccini they are dedicated professionals who train the right way and look after themselves off the pitch, never a moment’s bother.

On Sunday Jonas showed his versatility once again as he put in a good show at left-back. I still think his best position could be the free role he was given when Newcastle played really well for forty five minutes at Fulham, only to then collapse in the second half. I didn’t think it was the formation at fault that day, more players like Best and Shola not putting chances away and then shoddy defending by individuals, hopefully one day Pardew can revisit that set-up which could be a whole different ball game with Ba and Cissé up at the sharp end.

Jonas had this to say to the club website after playing his part against Norwich;

“I try to do my best for the team and we tried to attack from the back so that was why I played in that position.

I’ve played at right-back before, for Argentina, but not on the left. But it’s no different if you play on the right or the left; it’s the same. I don’t care really.

If the manager needs me in that position, then I will try to do my best.

It was a good move from Papiss. I just had to cross the ball and he did the rest. It was a beautiful goal.

I know what he can do in the box so I try to get the crosses to him. Him and Demba (Ba) do really clever moves in the box so we have to try to cross the ball to them.

In the last four games, we didn’t win and in this league you have to come back to winning ways because if not, the teams behind you are going to take a lot of points and they’re going to pass you.

So it was great to take the three points. Now we have a great opportunity to take a good result from the next one, so we have to focus on that.

It was a hard game, but the most important thing is that we got the three points”.      

  •  One of our most important players, in my opinion. His workrate is second to none. While his final ball is often disappointing, there are occasions when he gets it spot on and whips in a great ball. He can win us a corner from an opposition corner as well just by simply running at their defence. He seemed to be a scapegoat at times in the past but our team would be poorer without him, for sure.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Dividing opinion, between people who see his importance to the team and idiots, see Chelsea; Home.

  • Leehancox42

    First name on the team sheet in my opinion. After some of the overpaid pro-madonnas we have had it is so good to see some one who gives 100% every week! Never here of any off the field antics never any contract talks. Turns up does his shift great tackles wins us free kicks and can put a ball in the box! Helps when there is a good striker to put it on the net!

  • Tone Army

    Sorry but jonas does not divide opinion, the fella gives 100% and allways has, his workrate & attitude is top notch (similar to beardsleys which is no bad thing), any fool who thinks he not worthy of a starting place knows nowt about owt ;) I just wish we had more like him… infact if you could breed a footballer jonas & ben arfa would produce a super pedro or super messi :D

  • PeteG

    Great to see Jonas get the support here. He always gives it his best shot so for that alone, for me, he is above criticism. After Krul, player of the season for me. As for end product, check the stats on chances created.