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Danny Simpson and The Dangers Of Twitter & Social Media

10 years ago

I started this article over a week ago when Danny Simpson had this to say;

“It hurts to read on Twitter or whatever that you’re being greedy or you don’t want to be here because I’ve loved every minute. I love the city and the people, and all the staff. It’s not down to money.

I have a bit of time left on my contract – 15, 16 months – and I’m happy here. I would like to get it sorted but as far as I know, it’ll be the summer. I’m sure it will get resolved. I love it here”.

I’d put the article to one side intending to write something about the good AND bad points about players interacting through social media, mainly Twitter.

Danny Simpson had been Newcastle United’s most active player on Twitter and built up his number of followers to over 100,000. To those who will be scratching their heads at all this, with Twitter it costs nothing to ‘follow’ as many people as you want and then every time that person sends out a message you can read it. Danny’s main problem as far as far as I can see is that you have the option of letting your ‘followers’ send ‘Tweets’ (messages) to you and he has obviously been reading them. Other players will just use it as a way of sending out what they want to say without the option of people sending stuff to them.

Since signing up to Twitter I’ve had my eyes open, a bit like the internet there is good stuff there but you have to wade through an awful lot of ‘shit’ (as Danny might say) to find it. Never mind the well publicised evil nature of some using Twitter to put across racist and homophobic material (both fans AND players!), the general behaviour and language of users is quite pathetic overall.

Danny Simpson is a decent squad player in my opinion who it would be good to keep, though not essential. He will have good games and he will have some poor ones, afterwards he will be praised or criticised by fans/websites/magazines/newspapers but the problem with Twitter is that it lends itself to anonymous cowards who will try to be more outrageous than the next…anonymous coward.

So after the Arsenal match Danny Simpson gets messages like this;

@CallumBryce11 wrote: “You my friend are the worst right back in the world,yoy and mike williamson should be shot with s**t!!”

 @sav89 wrote: “ur a helmet”

 @Jaynufc11 wrote:”We wud of got a draw if you decided to cross the ball or eve throw it to a NUFC player u wankr”

The biggest laugh is that when Simpson has made some brilliant goal line clearances this season, the same people could well have been sending messages to Danny saying he was the new Bobby Moore! Unfortunately, you get a fair number of our fans where everything has to be either great or….’shit’ and it changes from day to day or even minute by minute.

After getting sustained abuse after Arsenal, Danny Simpson’s reaction was this (on Twitter!);

“Time 2 delete this(his Twitter account)! Never read so much shit in all my life! Take care :)”

Other players such as Gutierrez and Cabaye use Twitter at times but tend to use it sparingly and don’t really engage in ‘banter’ with their followers.

Ryan Taylor has recently signed up and started to get into exchanging ‘banter’ with his fans/followers, a player of no more ability than Simpson, probably slightly less, the writing is on the wall for him if he continues on Twitter.

Ryan ‘Over The Wall’ Taylor will overnight become Ryan ‘Helmet/Shit/Wankr’ Taylor, another victim of Twitter and of mackems pretending to be Newcastle fans but mainly I guess, some of our more embarrassing supporters.



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