Back in February I asked a question (original article below) where I asked if it was ever acceptable to want sunderland to win, they were due to play Arsenal and my point was that if they took points off the Gunners surely it would be to our advantage, as surely we weren’t afraid that the mackems could catch us if we thought we were any good?

The article got a ‘healthy’ response!

I repeat my question today as sunderland take on Liverpool. At the end of the season will it really make any difference to us if the mackems are in 11th instead of 12th because they got a home point against the scousers, or even 3?

The mackems are ten points behind us, if by some miracle/disaster they somehow ended up ahead of us then it could only mean one thing, Newcastle United had been rubbish and didn’t deserve to be ahead of them…how depressing would that be?

However, as Arsenal have shown in recent matches, they (along with Chelsea and Liverpool) have the players who have been there before and are capable of clicking into gear and putting a run together – we need everything in our favour against those teams we are competing with in that top seven.

I’ll not exactly be cheering the mackems on but I’ll have a smile on my face if they get at least a draw against Liverpool.

February Article

It is the great moral dilemma of our time, the moral maze that there is no escape from.

Can you ever want sunderland to win a football match?

I do know there are those of you out there (I’ve met plenty!!) who would say that it can never be acceptable to want the mackems to win, under any circumstances.

Even if it could be scientifically proven that a mackem victory would somehow mean Newcastle winning the treble, world poverty eradicated and free beer for all, it still wouldn’t justify welcoming a sunderland goal.

However….against all expectations at the start of the season, Newcastle United are chasing a Champions League spot, no matter how much we can all try and deny it, Newcastle are currently one point off fourth and have never been out of the top seven since the second match of the season.

So at long last we have all had to grudgingly accept that maybe a glance at the results of Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool is more relevant than worrying about how Blackburn, Wigan and Bolton are getting on.

So this Saturday sunderland take on Arsenal before our match at White Hart Lane, what result do you want?

The mackems are 9 points behind us and we lead Arsenal by 2, the majority of you might well go for a draw as that would guarantee Arsenal still behind United and sunderland remaining a healthy 8 points off us.

I would call it cowardice and as for wanting Arsenal to stuff them, we might as well want our own players to take potshots at Tim Krul in the hope of scoring some own goals.

I think it comes down to how much belief and confidence you are prepared to put in our manager and team, surely the time has come to be looking upwards and reaching for the stars.

If you are more afraid of the mackems catching us than the hope (not expectation) of grabbing fourth place then I think you are supporting the wrong club.

Fortune favours the brave, ‘come on the mackems’ (not actually going to say it out loud and it is only for this match….unless they still have Chelsea and Liverpool to play).

Imagine waking up on Sunday morning with a stonking hangover and remembering we are now five points ahead of Arsenal (ok I’d settle for it being 3!) in the race for that Champions League slot.

  • mojo

    I see the point of the article, however, after the way the Mackems have gone on this week, part of me does want Liverpool to give them a good hiding.

    They and their jumped up leprechaun of a manager, need bringing down to earth with a bump.

    I’ll settle for a draw though, and hope another one or two Mackems receive red cards.

  • Dunston Mag

    I never want the mackems to win. However I could accept them drawing if it benefited us and they played in an unspirited fashion.

  • Mal

    From a ‘european qualification’ point of view I think I’m right in saying that it’s unlikely to make any difference to us if Liverpool finish above us. They have already qualified via the carling cup.
    I think that I’m being realistic when I say that I don’t think either team will clinch the 4th league spot – hope I’m wrong of course in our case.

    • bally

      I think you’re right – as Liverpool have already qualified for Europe it makes no difference to us if they finish above us in the league. So we can all hope they batter the makems. Even better if Carroll gets a hat-trick!

  • Pew

    About twenty ninites ago before kick-off I was about to say a Sunderland win might not be bad thing on this one occasion to keep the (NEARLY) equally-loathed Liverpool comfortably behind us. After listening to Martin O’Squeal’s pre-match digs at Pardew ‘though on Radio Newcastle for daring to suggest he sent Clattermole on to use his usual search and destroy midfeld strongarm tactics in the Derby, I hope Bellamy scores a hatrick and that for once nearly filled Stadium of Plight empties as usual quicker than a free-pint in The Blackett Arms.