Have a glance at the BBC Sport website, or rather don’t!

I wouldn’t want you to give them extra clicks, just take my word.

As we speak they have a small section showing the Premier League ‘Top Scorers’ which is reproduced below.

Top Scorers

1.  26 R.Van Persie (Arsenal)

2. 20 W.Rooney (Man Utd.)

3. 16 S.Aguero (Man City)

It left me scratching my head and I had to go and double check this season’s stats and sure enough Demba Ba has scored 16 goals, all in the Premier League.

Obviously they will be just itching to drop us from any snapshot of the league table if we drop below their beloved Liverpool but how does it work when the public broadcaster can distort what they put up on a website which basically you and me have helped pay for?

Surely if anything it should be Demba Ba up there alone in third if they were only going to pick one, he has one of the very best goals to chances ratio in the Premier League while Aguero plays for a mercenary team that for most of the season have created chances for fun.


  • Rod

    Not to mention yesterday morning on Breakfast they showed all Arsenal goals plus the interview with Wenger. Apparently we didn’t score nor do we have a manager…

  • Guy

    Seriously? Do you really think that somebody who works for the BBC updates that little box personally every time it changes? It will be linked to their database that has the list of top scorers and will update automatically. Do you really think that your imaginary BBC employee would have been sitting at his desk, updating the top scorers box, only for his boss to come up and say ‘Oi, take Ba off there and put Aguero on, we have to make Newcastle look bad, the Director General says so’? Do you really think that the reason Augero is on there isn’t that the program on their server that updates the little box, when consulting the database and finding that the third and fourth top scorers are level, uses the name that comes first IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER? Grow up, you’re making Newcastle fans look like deluded fools yet again. 

  • Fella

    What a load of shite, if you have to start looking for things like this to publish when we’re sitting in Sixth place above all our expectations then you don’t deserve to be writing about Newcastle.  Pack it in, you’re making us look like idiots.

  • Juniorchubbs

    if you lot cant see that there is an agenda from all mainstream media against newcastle, then youre all deluded. no one ever get that feeling?

  • Errmm… Alphabetical order… Aguero before Ba, If Medhi Abeid had scored 16 as well then he would be listed before Aguero. No big conspiracy.