What’s got 4 legs and more money than Glasgow Rangers?

Harry Redknapp’s dog.

Always start with a joke I say. If you don’t get it, I will assume it’s nowt to do with the quality and guess that you aren’t fully abreast of the current situation with the Scottish champions.

Rangers are in administration, seemingly dicing with the threat of liquidation and being touted as potentially going out of existence and having to climb up the league ladder under a Rangers-esque pseudonym, a bit like a higher-profile version of Wimbledon’s recent rise from the ashes.

They owe the tax man £49 million and are unable to pay Dunfermline Athletic what they owe them in tickets from Saturday’s match. How careless.

Before I go on any further, I have to say I am not going to take pleasure in, and abuse this page to gloat over, the potential demise of somebody else’s team. I admittedly don’t like Rangers, as I see them as a sort of Scottish Man Utd, dragging fickle fans from all over their country (and beyond) who leave their local league club struggling.

However, my only real emotions at their recent disaster are;

a) bugger, that’s one guaranteed game from my weekly coupon gone west, and

b) have they got any decent players we can advantageously pillage for a knockdown price?

The media is making out that this is a disaster for the Scottish league, as Celtic will win everything and interest in the SPL as a competition will wane. The media are, of course, full of shite, as I imagine fans of any other Scottish club will be cock-a-hoop at these developments.

One despicable trait of the Old Firm is their tendency to moan about lack of competition in Scotland (usually while whining on to get in our Premier League, like there aren’t enough English cities/trains inflicted with drunk Glaswegians on a typical Saturday) then immediately extinguishing any threat to their dominance by pilfering any decent player/manager who looks like making a challenge from any other club.

With Rangers gone/in decline, someone may see this as an opportunity to build a team, with only the one big bully to stand up to. Furthermore, if someone beats Celtic in a cup, the competition may be fair game, as opposed to defaulting to Ibrox as currently happens. Does anyone really think any Hibs or Aberdeen fans out there will give a toss about lost TV revenue when they can actually win the cup?

As for expecting Celtic to be upset, that’s the maddest thing I’ve heard since someone saw fit to charge eight million quid for Jean-Alain Boumsong. Imagine, if you will, Sunderland being mismanaged down the divisions, through courts, possibly out of business?

Now imagine this doubles Newcastle’s success rate and add in the fact that the mackems and ourselves are like mates when compared to the Old Firm and you’re about halfway to realising exactly how bothered Celtic are.

Anyway, I digress. The events that have seen Glasgow Rangers, 54 times Scottish Champions, collapse into disaster are surely worth heeding. There but for the grace of God go we,  it makes you think that maybe the recent Mike Ashley model isn’t the worst way to run a football club.


  • Toonceltic

    Even though i dislike (not the strongest word i could use) Ashley, i do look at the financial model that he and his cronies have instigated at NUFC and while most of the fans don’t agree fully with it, i do think it has made us financially stable. Who knows where we would have ended up if Fat Freddie was still at the helm? As you say in the article, 8 million for Boumsong!!! We couldn’t keep this up. Also in the foreseeable future there is the Eufa thing coming in about how much you spend, against how much you make, which should hopefully level the playing field, but probably won’t. So is it a case of “better the devil you know”

  • guest.

    An incisive comment about RFC. Not. Also, commenting on Glaswegian culture? You’re from Newcastle, you are in no position to comment about drunk savages on trains.

    • big geordie

       oooh very catty darling are you a jock by any chance

  • Juniorchubbs

    7 english teams being investigated also. ive got a horrible feeling……………

  • Panic-Attack-Buy-e.

    Agreed, but its like your accountant dressing up in S and M gear when you go round to do your tax. He does a good job on your returns but his persona is something you want to keep quiet. Point B) and then you mention Boumsong? Perhaps we just let Villa under Mcliesh make all those mistakes.

  • Mal

    ‘.. it makes you think that maybe the recent Mike Ashley model isn’t the worst way to run a football club.’

    I think the basic idea behind the model is good. We have made some really good signings at bargain prices – I think we have been a lot more successful in the transfer market than liverpool for example. Liverpool supporters will very soon realise something that we learnt a few years ago – Kenny isn’t that good.
    Where I do disagree is Ashley’s reluctance to go that extra mile. It’s been obvious for over 12 months now that we need another central defender to strengthen the squad yet it still hasn’t happened. We failed in a deadline day signing to sign Ridgewell in August and then we had the saga, again on deadline day in January, with the watford guy. My guess is that we could have had either of these for an extra half a million or so and bearing in mind how much extra you get for higher league placings (and dare I say champions league qualification) this is doesn’t make financial sense.
    If you need a winter coat, and it’s going to cost you £5 more than you want to pay, then you still have to buy it – otherwise you leave yourself exposed.