Whilst flicking channels last night I happened to come across a football match with a half empty stadium (in fact looking at the TV it looked more than half empty) and was shocked (well not really) to find out it was our neighbours and close rivals who were playing in a 5th round FA Cup tie against one of the best teams in the land.

In fact barely 26,000 turned up and over 4,000 of them came from down south. So only 22,000 makems could be arsed to go and see their team play in their home stadium in a game which has taken them one stop from a semi final at Wembley.

Bear in mind as well that their team is on a superb run inspired by their Irish lepricorn.

Frankly pathetic.

Now correct me if I am wrong but the same game up the road at St James’ would attract possibly double that and be a sell out. Forget Niall Quinn’s bleating about TV affecting the attendance, this is simply a reflection as to what a small town club Sunderland actually are.

The rivalry between our two clubs is simply geographic – not two similar sized clubs battling out for north east supremacy as the media like to make out. Why we bother with them I really do not know, we should treat them with disdain like that other pathetically attended club further down the coast.

We should be looking at the top level clubs as our rivals; Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and of course bloody Liverpool – hopefully that is the mentality Ashley and Pardew are bringing to the club, it is certainly what the national press are scared about.

Meanwhile consider this – 30,000+ watched our 3rd round tie against Blackburn on a thoroughly unpleasant day and probably only 25 souls made it up from Blackburn…. keep crying into your milk Niall.

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  • Very well said.

  •  Mackams stay at home, and watch it on the telly!
     Mackams stay at home, and watch it on the telly!

  • Kev Keenan

    Pathetic “crowd” They really are shite.  Dont forget, the mackems have their messiah in charge as well.  The one Manager they have wanted for ohh, well, say 15 years?  Every time one of those losers gets the bullet they cry out for martin oniel cos he was a sunderland fan and his fave player was charlie hurley..their all time legend??????? They now have the manager of their dreams and are probably on their best ever run of form in the prem and only 22k turn up. Garbage!

  • ForthMags

    Are Newcastle a bigger club than Sunderland ? Yes.
    Do we have better support than Sunderland ? Yes.

    But Sunderland are by no means a ‘nothing’ club. They are a good rival with a decent owner, manager and fanbase (even if their support can be a bit flakey at times).

    Remember the days of people saying ‘Man united are now our main rivals’ ? that sharp backfired.