Our old friends at the BBC are at it again in relation to St.James’ Park.

They carried  a story on the sport section of their website which included the following….

Football is the only London 2012 event which has not sold out, with approximately 1.5m tickets still available, BBC Sport has learned.

Football is still the biggest-selling sport at the games, but only 800,000 of the 2.3m tickets have been sold.

The City of Coventry Stadium, Hampden Park, Millennium Stadium, Old Trafford, Sports Direct Arena and Wembley Stadium will stage the matches.

Spot the deliberate mistake?

As you probably know, football grounds hosting Olympic matches are not allowed to use a sponsor’s name and so the ‘Ricoh Arena’ and ‘S***** D***** A****’ are total no nos.

In relation to the Olympics the names that must be used are ‘City of Coventry Stadium’ and….St.James’ Park!

So why the double standards once again?