Noel Gallagher had an eventful time at a packed out Metro Newcastle Arena last night.

As has been the case on previous visits he engaged in some ‘banter’ with the locals.

As a well-known Manchester City fan and  not doing much harm playing the pantomime villain, spouting off about the relative merits of our teams, Noel lapping up the abuse.

Mr.Gallagher wasn’t quite as impressed though with the reaction when he was trying to be clever talking about how much he was looking forward to coming up to the, “Sports Direct Arena”.

Not only was Gallagher met with a torrent of abuse, there was also a  (not of course that we condone any violence) well aimed shot (Shola was not believed to be involved) from the crowd as a bottle and Noel came together.

Noel then played the final song from the very back of the stage….



  • GeordieBen

    Good. Manc tit

  • Paul Soulsby

    Serves the has been c**t right,  he’s was just mischief making, looking for a  reaction  and just like that bellend Mensi at the Academy in his jamrag shirt, he got one. No Sympthy for him after such idiotic behaviour am afraid, in 94 he got banjoed at the Riverside for bugger all for goods sake, yet still he crosses the line. He cultivates this image as  a clued up, old school football fan, he got an old school football fans response.

  • Sports direct arena

    He was just having laugh with the crowd, interacting with them. If he didn’t then everyone would call him boring and from what I saw it was all good natured and everyone was having a brilliant time at a class gig. So stop trying to stir shit up!

    • CT/SLF

      I had a brilliant time too, I didn’t go – He’s as boring as a walrus (coo coo co choo), oops, who mentioned that Liverpool band? PS Geordies don’t use the word “class”, by the way, our kid.

  • Tone Army

    Sorry but whoever threw the bottle is an Idiot & that goes for anyone who condones it or any aggressive reaction to such a trivial insult from fans of other clubs, if that is all it takes to turn you into a yob please stay away from SJP ;)

  • RW.

    Does this mean you would’nt go to any more N.G. concerts?

  • We hate geordies

    Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the geordies on the top, put the mackems in the middle and we’ll burn the fucking lot.