We all have our pre-match rituals which we hope will continue a run of good form, don’t we?  Or is it just me that has match day OCD.   It’s not like I switch the kitchen light on and off exactly 13 times before I leave the house, that would just be stupid, wouldn’t it?  Obviously 12 is enough and it’s also an even number!!

Do you wear the same undercrackers each game?

Does it really make a difference if you miss your usual bus or Metro?

Do you use the same turnstile to get into the ground even if there’s no queue at the next one?

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m just going for a lucky wee”, mid-way through a game at which point we score while they’re away?  I have, I’ve done it myself!!!  When Cissé scored on his debut I was just reaching the bottom of the stairs on my way to the netty.  At least I was able to see the ball nestle in the top corner this time before I disappeared under the stand as I was right in line with his shot.  On occasion I’ve just heard the roar, grrrr!!

Did you buy a half-season ticket and upset the feng shui at St James Park’ that coincided with a poor run?

 What about wearing a brand new piece of clothing to the match, sacrilege surely and just asking for trouble?

Do you visit the same pre-match boozer, have a certain number of drinks and stick to the same beer?  Extra alcohol before any 5under1and game seems to help in my experience!!

Would you feel guilty if any of these things affected the result of the game because you changed your routine?

Check out the next issue of The Mag for more insight into my own observations and behaviours to avoid a negative result.

Meanwhile any tips for promoting good luck before a match would be most welcome.

  • Steve P

    Nope, you’re not alone.
    The pre match pub changes when the unsuccessful streak goes on too long.
    I wore the same t shirt for both the Aston Vile and sunderland games last season, made sure I wore it for Vile again this season (and will be wearing it on sunday)
    Always have 2 sausage rolls from Greggs on the way up to SJP
    Always walk the same route from pub to SJP (ensuring I pass under the Chinese arch outside the Irish Centre.
    Always enter SJP via the same turnstile.

  • Lintonlad

    Steve, you’re lucky to have a “lucky” t-shirt – I’ve only “unlucky” ones!  I have a wardrobe full of shirts I can’t wear on a match day!

  • Steve P

    The t-shirt stays lucky!!
    Unfortunately, it didn’t keep up it’s 100% win record, but it will be used next season for those 2 games. As long as we get results against those 2 shithouse teams, I’m keeping it going!

    • horsey

      did you change your pre-match diet to a pastie and a chololate eclair?  maybe that took away some of the luck attrbuted to the shirt…it all works as a package I find or maybe that’s what I’m blaming for Sunday, I had 2 brown ales more than usual!!