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I am a bit confused after yesterday and not just as to why we ended up not wining a match we led 2-0 after 16 minutes.

Who was booing and why?

Sitting in the Leazes I can honestly say I couldn’t see/identify anybody near me who was booing at the end of the match. I could certainly hear the booing but is it only certain sections who are leading the boos, or maybe there are people who have developed the ‘skill’ of emitting a booooo noise without moving their lips, a bit like Keith Harris and Orville (yes I know, the duck moves his lips).

The reasons why people were booing is beyond me, is it because they…

Thought players weren’t trying?

The manager wasn’t trying?

The manager had cocked it up?

The players cocked it up?

The referee and linespeople had an agenda?

Don’t like Mike Ashley covering St.James’ Park in graffiti?

Maybe it is none of these or all of them, or is it simply because some people had paid their money to see Newcastle win and they didn’t?

I’ve seen matches where Newcastle have been abysmal and the mood amongst the fans terrible, only for a lucky late goal to see the same people who would have booed the team off giving it the ‘we love you Newcastle we do’.

Of course the dynamic at away matches tends to be totally different and it takes something for the travelling hardcore to give the players anything but support at the end of the match.

Home games are different though and only very occasionally does even a battling draw bring any kind of a positive response at the end of the match.

So if you are one of these invisible boo boys why don’t you at the end of the match just say nothing and leave….permanently!

  • Andy C01

    There was a few boos from the Gallowgate around where I was sitting. As well as a general lack of support during the game and a hell of alot of complaining during the game. Also fans arguing amongst themselves which is always bad to see. I moved there when they closed the singing section in level 7 where I’d been since before it was an official singing section and used to be where away supporters were. I thought the Gallowgate would have been a good choice to move to but apart from the corner the overall mood isn’t one of support. I’m seriously contemplating not renewing next season if I can’t get in to the corner as I don’t enjoy sitting amongst a bunch of people who aren’t supporting the team.

    • Das Kaizer

      Having been attending games since 1973 I find your comments confusing. Personally I simply could not contemplate giving up my season ticket & boycotting the games. I agree with your criticism of a large minority of the people who attend our home games, I refuse to call them fans, who are patently dickheads who can’t have ever kicked a ball in their lives judging by the moronic comments they come out with but how does stopping going to games address that situation? I never boo the team but yesterday I was extremely dissapointed with our second half performance. Indeed I admit I let rip with a vicious foul mouthed invective directed at Danny Guthrie who’s pet lip seemed to be preventing him passing to his Team Mates…If I’m Not In the Starting Line Up I’ll be Off at the end of the season! OK Danny F***K Off! Also the site of Mike Williamson in a Black & White Shirt makes me physically sick. He can’t head a Ball in a straight line, rarely makes a tackle, has the turning circle of a Greek Supertankesr & wet’s his shorts every time the ball is played to him. He’s a walking disaster who makes all of those around him nervous not to mention me! He simply can’t be allowed to play against the Makems who although they are Sh!te will be able to show him up for the mediocre Championship player that he is. Collo is visibly diminished by having  to carry him through games. We should have stumped up the cash & brought in Douglas in January.I am by no means a Fan of Perch but I think that even he is a better option than Williamson. Having said that I will be up early next Sunday to start the imbibing & sing a rousing rendition of Das Panzeleid before making the pilgrimage to St James Park to watch Newcastle United soundly thrash the Makem Untermenschen…Again! Ein Volk, Ein Team, Ein Toon!

      • Andy C01

        Obviously me not going to games isnt going to make any difference to the atmosphere. However i CAN contemplate not going to games anymore and could pick any number of reasons why. To name a few – the bond scheme ‘seat for life’ fiasco which i was directly affected by, the fortunes made out of the club by Douglas Hall and FS whilst running the club into the ground financially, the abolition of level 7 singing section which was a genuine attempt to recreate the pre all seater atmosphere, the fact that my ticket money is now lining Ashleys pockets, the fact that its now Sports Direct Arena, the attitude of the numerous players who have made fortunes out of our club and given nothing back. All of this adds up to making going to the match for me something i now don’t feel obliged to do and the simple fact is that the final nail in the coffin for me is the shit attitude of a hell of alot of fans (but as you say probably still a minority, but only just!) And to be fair if you feel the need to let rip at Danny Guthrie who was subbed into a struggling midfield and admittedly had a total nightmare then you sound like exactly the kind of person im talking about – surely his form this season earns him the right to an off day which clearly wasnt through a lack of effort. Its the same with Williamson, hes had enough good games for us since we signed him to be cut some slack now hes struggling, if you think your supporting the team then i think your deluded. Who in your expert opinion is going to play CB if like you say he shouldnt be allowed to play next week? They’re not machines and if you’d played footy to any decent standard you’d understand the difference between lack of effort and lack of form. One of which deserves some well aimed abuse, one of which can be remedied with some decent support. In summary I used to feel like one of 1000’s of like minded fans going to St James Park to support the team/intimidate the opposition and generally make a difference to the result and to a team that gave a shit nearly as much as i did. Now i just feel like another mug going to sit at Sports Direct Arena to hand over my money to a load of people who dont really give a shit, and sit surrounded by a load of slack jawed, clueless, nobheads who cant wait to whinge, moan and abuse our own team. Next season when were playing at home i’ll be happily watching it in the pub, with a pint, having a laugh and focusing on things like being 6th in the league as opposed to writing off commited players as shite just cos theyre having an off game.

  • Paul Soulsby

    I exchanged words with some bugger after the game, my point bieing if yer going to boo, don’t come back. There is small minority of our fans who have there head up their arse, they exoect to beat teams like Wolves and when it doesn’t happen they’re on the teams back, these people are arseholes and I wish they would just stay away from SJP, these cretins even booed the team off after the Swansea game when the team battered the opposition 0 – 0, some of our support will never be happy.

  • Stephen

    Well I’m going to admit I was one of the people to boo, and it was aimed at mainly the referee, who should never be allowed to watch over a PL game again. I was in the gallowgate and I was one of the people singing for 90 mins giving my support, and I was obviously angry at my team after watching them give the ball away needlessly in the final 10 minutes. Until Pardew realises that ben Arfa and Williamson are not premier league standard, I really can’t see us finishing in the top 4.

  • Paul Soulsby

    Does any bugger expect us to finish top 4 ?, we haven’t been out of the top 7 all season, trouble is a section of our support thinks that each bump in the road deserves to see the team booed of, they seem to have a sense of entitlement, they’re pricks im my humble opinion.

  • Graeme Symonds

    Reality check for some people I think. This was a team who would struggle to avoid relegation, some people said. 
    You’re booing a team who are still only three points off a Champions League place, and in only their second season back in the league.

  • Juniorchubbs


  • Kev Smith

    The booing absolutely incenses me. Do these people think that they are helping the team? The absolute nadir this season for me was when Obertan was booed onto the pitch by these morons. It was a disappointing result on Saturday – no question, but surely these players
    have earned the odd poor result against the so called “lesser sides” in the division. Perhaps they would rather have the lkes of Owen and Viduka back? Williamson is struggling , but screaming abuse at him will only serve to shatter his confidence and saying that Perch should replace him only shows the lack of depth of the squad.  We have to make St James Park a bear pit again , starting on Sunday against the great unwashed. And lads, if you still want to boo , then keep away. I believe that there are some excellent council allotments in Jesmond available for use. And with the dung that comes out of your mouths ,there should be plenty of ready made compost!

  • Das Kaizer

    Let me clarify my position I dont now, never have & never will Boo Newcastle United Players. That does not mean however that our players should be above criticism. Danny Guthrie is an honest ‘journeyman’ player who has turned in some decent performances this season. That being said I was incensed to read his ‘Play me on Saturday or I’m off’ quote in the Evening Chronicle  last week. It was I’ll advised, poorly timed & disrespectful to his team mates. Considering we’d just been thumped by a very good Spurs side, largely due to our midfield being totally overrun it was not the ideal moment for him to develop a ‘Messi’ complex. The fact is that both Tiote & Cabaye are better players than Guthrie & when available they will always start ahead of him. If he can’t accept that whilst still giving 100% when called upon, he is welcome to depart for pastures new but I guarantee it will be for a club of lesser stature than NUFC. His dreadful performance on Saturday was a direct result of his petulance & misguided sense of entitlement. He is very well paid for what he does & his attitude was simply not acceptable.

    As for Williamson he is just not good enough. Form does not come into the equation as unless he’s served time at her Majesty’s Pleasure he does not have any. Oh sorry I’m forgetting about his glittering career in Portsmouth Reserves.

    He can’t head the ball in a straight line, rarely tackles & has a nervous breakdown every time the ball is passed to him when he invariably seizes the opportunity to display his appaling distribution. He unsettles his defensive colleagues & Collo is visibly diminished by having to compensate for his failings.

    I’m not blaming Williamson he’s is simply out of his depth & no doubt he’s under no illusion about his own abilities. He’d probably welcome being taken out of the firing line.

    The fault lies with the club for failing to sign a quality Centre Half capable of competing on level terms with Stephen Taylor & Collo either last Summer or in Januarary.

    This must be addressed in the coming Close Season.

    At this time Mr Pardew has few options available to him but closing his eyes, crossing his fingers & hoping it will all turn out OK cannot be one of them for unless he’s removed from the Team Williamson will continue to make fundamental errors causing us to concede goals & lose points. I make him culpable for at least 5 of the last 7 goals we’ve conceded including Wolves equaliser which came about from Williamson’s appallingly weak & criminally misdirected attempt at a clearing header.

    My tempoary solution would be to move Santon to Centreback where he has played before at home in Italy & restore Ryan Taylor to Left Back.

    Not ideal but better than the status quo I believe.

    I don’t believe Footballers are machine’s & recognise that they can’t perform at 100% every game but it’s a very true maxim the Form is Temporary but Class is Forever. I know it, Pardew knows it & I suspect Williamson also realises that he’s not got sufficient class to operate at the level he’s being asked to.

    Finally I don’t need any lectures about supporting my Team.

    I’ve been Bonny Lad, I’ve seen Bonny Lad.

    From Shrewsbury to the San Siro from Supermac to Demba Ba via Billy Ratcliffe, Bobby Shinton & Alan Shearer to name but a few.

    1973 to 2012 Still Keeping the Faith !

  • Andy C01

    Love the way whenever people start arguin at the match it always ends up as…I’ve been goin since 1973…well I’ve been here since 1971…i was here before you were even born bonny lad…errr sorry for not being a bit older like! Doesn’t mean you havnt been acting like a bellend for the last 40 years though does it mate?

  • Das Kaizer

    Dear soon to be a former Season Ticket Holder. Resorting to personal insults is the last refuge of the intellectually destitute. Please repair to whichever rancid drinking den you plan to watch all future NUFC games in & leave the debate of legitimate issues pertinent to the club from which you are withdrawing your financial support to those of us who’s vocabulary extends beyond foul mouthed name calling. Those who don’t understand or contribute do not matter much like you & your fatuous opinions. Wiedersehn.

  • Mr T

    As far as i could make out for the Wolves 2nd goal, Williamson was the only defender trying to stop them scoring! Ba let Doyle run off him and Coloccini was standing still marking himself. Whether Colo is suffering as a result of playing with Williamson or not, he should still be in there scrapping to defend our lead.