Spotted this in the Yorkshire Evening Post (as you do), as they welcomed Neil Warnock into the Leeds hotseat.

It’s taken as read that pressure will always go with the territory at Elland Road, whether you be a manager, coach or player.

It has been the making of some, while proving the sorry downfall of others, which has been the case for the last half-century since Don Revie picked up a footballing giant firmly by the bootstrings and stirred it into life, making the footballing world take note.

To be manager of Leeds United, like the other great one-club city in England in Newcastle United, means you are pretty much under the microscope 24-7.

Every decision and quote is pored over and dissected by its army of supporters whose insatiable appetite for news on their club is ravenous. Switching off isn’t much of an option either.

I always feel blessed to come from a city that has only one football club, I think it is a really powerful factor in making Newcastle United and the city of Newcastle something really special.

If I had to make a blueprint of how to have the perfect football rivalry then surely the Newcastle/sunderland one has to take all the beating.

I don’t want to share my city with another football club, neighbour against neighbour; City/United, Wednesday/United, scouser/scouser, Arsenal/Chelsea/Spurs/West Ham.

Much better having a totally separate civilisation, even though it is only around twelve miles down the road, they even have a different language!

Yes many of us have to deal with one or two of them in our day to day lives but for those of us who live local, you live through the good and bad football  times not just at the match but in every strand of your life.

Celebrate together and drink to forget together – no wonder I wouldn’t let our lass look at houses in South Shields!

  • GeordieBen

    I grew up in Gateshead and I dont think it’s until you move away you realise what it’s like living in A) a place where there is very nearly no one to talk to Newcastle about or B) a place that has split loyalty. Living in Liverpool has shown me a lot of things (mostly bad) but that we’re no where near as bitter as these lot toward our rivals. All they do ALL day long is talk about the others team and it’s sad. I miss back home. I miss the black and white stripes on every other man woman and child. I miss peace.