Carling or Bitter?  The Latter!!

This Sunday sees another set of ex-Mags going for cup final glory.  No doubt Bellamy and Carroll will score and Jose will get the MoTM award.  Will I be bothered?

Well yes it will irritate me just like seeing Martins score the winner last year and celebrate victory with Carr and Bowyer.  Why is it never us?  However, at least they overcame a decent team unlike Liverpool who face Cardiff.

No doubt if we had made it to the final we’d have faced one of the Manchester Clubs, Chelsea or the irritating Scousers themselves.

26/01/12 (Teletext Report) ‘Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish dedicated his team’s Carling Cup semi-final victory over Manchester City to the club’s fans after a difficult period. “It’s not been the best of times and it’s a fantastic reward for the supporters that have stood by us”, said Dalglish.

By that time the team had all worn shirts in support of Suarez and the club had declined to appeal against the subsequent ban for racist comments.  Then we had the infamous non-handshake which Canny Kenny took some time to acknowledge after saying, “I wasn’t there, I never saw it”.  This despite the reporter telling him several times that the handshake didn’t take place before he would accept the fact:-

Reporter: “Now that I have told you that he didn’t do it, clearly, what’s your reaction to that?”.

CK: “Well I’ll ask him and we’ll take it from there”.

Reporter: “Do you think you have to take a serious look at his refusal to shake his hand and the way it subsequently set the tone for elements of what happened here today”.

CK “I think you’re very severe and I think you’re bang out of order to blame Luiz Suarez for anything that happened here today, right”.

I’d have made them both appear live on national television and apologise to the world rather than hidden behind written statements prepared after the club sponsors and hierarchy stepped in the following day.  I think that would have shown some genuine remorse at least.  They probably still think they’ve done nothing wrong.

To sum up, Liverpool have won a gazillion League Titles, European & Domestic Cups and probably haven’t gone more than 4 or 5 years without winning something in the modern game.  Meanwhile back at St James’ we’re just happy to win our next game.

So to all those fans that Kenny applauds that have stood by Liverpool during the ‘difficult period’ I’d love to see how well you’d cope following Newcastle United.  No doubt most of them would be wearing Sky Blue now.

It looks increasingly likely that they’ll make another final in May, three own goals sums up the luck this lot have.

I just hope I don’t have to cheer them on should the unwashed down the road make it there too.

  • JarraPara

    Robbie don’t let it get you down mate. Surely you must acknowledge that the Bin Dippers are Salt of the Earth, Working (Thieving) Class Heroes, who are the most loyal & dependable Fans in the world & always have been ever since ‘Noah’ played for them at Right Half. Please pay them the respect they are due & report them to Crime Watch. As for Semtex O Neil & the plastic paddies down the road in O’Grozny on the Wear they are one trick Pikey ponies who will be found out sooner rather than later. One of these days & it wont be long the psuedo intellectual (he wishes), semi literate, demented little Didicoy will spontaneously combust! Just focus on Our Just & Righteous Black & White Cause! We Do Not Choose We are Chosen ! Those Who Do Not Understand Do Not Matter! Those Who Understand Need No Explanation or Justification! Keep On Keepin On! Respect to the Bard of Blaydon!

  • Anonymous

    Quite right lads.  I felt similar heartfelt sympathy for the “poor Arsenal Fans” who have gone all of seven years without winning anything! 

  • Horsey

    Since I wrote the above they’ve been at it again on Teletext (22/02/12)

    ‘Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish says victory in Sunday’s Carling Cup final against Cardiff would mean a great deal to both himself and supporters after six years without a trophy.
    The Reds have not won anything since their FA Cup win at Cardiff in 2006.
    “It means a lot to me.  More importantly it means a lot to a lot of people who have had to endure a few years when we’ve not been (to Wembley) there” he said.
    “It is just reward for the loyalty and support they have shown”.’

    I’m sure this man is on a mission to raise the temperature of my urine to 100 degrees celcius!!  Heaven help them if they ever finish outside the top 10 in the Premier League and play crap football more often than not with a succession of managers who promise much and deliver nowt, maybe chuck in a couple of relegations too.  Then maybe I’ll accept words such as “endure” and “loyalty” in a more meaningful context.