Back at the end of January before the Blackburn match I looked at the possibility of Newcastle grabbing a Champions League spot.

As a rough guide I used last season’s number of points as a pointer and Arsenal finished in fourth with 68 points. So my question was, with United at that time standing on 36 points,  whether it was possible for Newcastle to pick up 32 points from their final 16 matches?

The answer was yes!

I went through each match and my predictions (surprise surprise!) came out at exactly 32 points.

The good news is that using my scientific system, Newcastle united are currently still on track!

The team had gone two points ahead of schedule when I predicted a draw at Blackburn but we got a fortunate win.

Saturday’s draw with Wolves has evened that out so with twelve matches to go Newcastle are still on track for the 68 points…using my prediction-omator.

Blackburn (A) – DRAW, Aston Villa (H)  – WIN, Spurs (A) – DEFEAT, Wolves (H) – WIN

Mackems (H) – WIN, Arsenal (A) – DRAW, Norwich City (H) – WIN, WBA (A) – DRAW

Liverpool (H) – WIN, Swansea (A) – DRAW, Bolton (H) – WIN, Chelsea (A) – DEFEAT

Stoke City (H) – WIN, Wigan (A) – WIN, Man. City (H) – DRAW, Everton  (A) –  WIN

  • Ambitious!

  • Georie73

    Be careful! I remember doing this in 1996 and couldn’t see a way that we could lose the title….

  • Eeeeen

    Deluded and, frankly, embarrassing.

  • Lupamac

    Blackburn (A) – DRAW, Aston Villa (H)  – WIN, Spurs (A) – DEFEAT, Wolves (H) – WIN


    Mackems (H) – WIN, Arsenal (A) – DEFEAT Norwich City (H) – WIN, WBA (A) – DEFEAT

    Liverpool (H) – DRAW Swansea (A) – DRAW, Bolton (H) – WIN, Chelsea (A) – DEFEAT

    Stoke City (H) – WIN, Wigan (A) – DRAW Man. City (H) –DEFEAT, Everton  (A) –  DEFEAT 
    15 more points max for me
    should get us finishing 7th /8th which all in all would be a good season ,does anybody really want the europa league with this squad. not me

  • Popular Side 1964

    Sorry, but I agree with all 4 previous comments. We have over-performed so far. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have woefully under-performed. There’s a big gap after the current top 7 – I see 7th as our best possible finish – the Europa League would stretch the squad too far, and isn’t worth it anyway IMO – just look at Stoke – took just 15 players to Valencia and made 11 changes for yesterday’s league game.

  • The Arsenal away draw and Man city home draw are very ambitious, as is the Everton win, but stranger things have happened! I predicted a 4 – 1 loss against Manure so anything goes with us realy…

  • Mal

    You might have been better calling them ‘targets’, which we would need to achieve to break into the champions league, rather than predictions. Bearing in mind our recent form (18 points from 15 games) then it would require a dramatic improvement to get 25 points from our last 12 games. Bearing in mind goal difference we are now effectively 4 points behind chelsea and arsenal so we have a real fight on our hands to make 4th place.
    My feeling is that we are still short of that bit of quality to take us to that spot though it would be great if we did it.
    Perhaps Lupamac below hits the nail on the head. If we did make europe it would take a big investment in the squad to give us any chance of having a decent run there, and in the cups and also challenge for a top 4 premiership placing. Look at Stoke. I think I heard Pullis say that they played their 43rd game last weekend and, despite some big summer signings, they are well below last season’s position. It will be a big challenge for Ashley if we do get into europe; interesting to see if he’ll be up for it. On the other hand if we don’t make it – will Colllo stay?