Well that was something we all thought we’d seen the last of and no, I’m not talking about a cracking goal from Jonas Gutierrez!

In fact over the game Jonas looked our most likely scorer, food for thought as we count the days until Demba Ba returns!

Anyway, last minute of injury time at 1-1, Jonas goes on a trademark mazy run but towards the goal on this occasion, Leon Worst   manages his one contribution of the match with a decent return ball and Gutierrez does the rest.

Huge celebrations on and off the pitch and Jonas reaches into his pants to reveal…Spiderman, maybe for the very last time.

Yes he whips his Spiderman mask out and adds a magnificent touch of humour to the occasion. A dreary match lit up by two superb United goals and a moment of comic (book) genius to round it off.

Our superhero explains;

“It all started in Spain when I went to the cinema and a little boy asked me to score a goal for him. So I told him I would put a Spiderman mask on for him as that was his favourite film. In the next game I scored so it carried on.

I bought four or five after that, although I don’t know where the others are. I don’t know how long the mask has been in my shorts. Maybe this is the last one”.

A yellow card followed this celebration which kind of sums up the miserable nature of modern day football, as cheats go unpunished despite regularly shown up on video replays in all our living rooms.

Rules are rules though and Alan Pardew might have had a quiet word after the celebrations died down, so maybe the end of Spiderman but hopefully not the end of Jonas’ going  goal crazy (third top scorer!….already got 2 goals in only half a season!).

Maybe the other obvious question is…what would you whip out of your pants in a moment of high excitement? Remember we are talking masks here!

  • Anonymous

    Really like Jonas but just wish he would do this more often and go more direct , adds whole extra dimension to the team.

  • Anonymous

    Our Argie winger doesn’t score many but when he does they are crackers!

  • Andy

    I would, and often do whip out my……oh no, just read that last bit about masks – sorry

  • Anonymous

    Yes some things are best kept hidden away Andy, but shows how crap football is these days when a great and funny celebration like that gets a yellow card.