I hate to jump on the bandwagon in the National Press but the tackle by Shaun Derry on Cabaye meant we became part of it (although the disgraceful Ray Wilkins on Sky apparently said that Cabaye was feigning injury and expected him to return to the pitch despite being carried off, oh yes and apparently it was ok because Cabaye had made a bad tackle a few weeks ago,tit).

For a few years now I have bleated on about retrospective punishment for diving, to this I would now add tackles that do or may result in career threatening injuries. The serial offenders need to be rooted out the game; we can name 2 straight away, Karl Henry and Lee Cattermole, though Shaun Derry is another one who is so slow that he has to embark on assault (having Mark Hughes as his manager must be a godsend).

On the Monday after games, the career threatening tackles should be looked at by a panel and retrospective punishment handed out. The straight legged one or two footed tackle with momentum at ankle level, or above, is the worst offender and must be targeted by those in the know.

First offence an automatic one match ban, second a two match ban etc:

With the pace of the game these type of tackles must be ‘stamped’ out, it is nearly impossible to be sure as a referee on the pitch but pretty clear after the game with TV replays.

I have always argued against stopping the game for TV replays but it is about time the authorities rooted out just one of the evils of the game.


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  • Mal

    I think the problem is one of inconsistency, which you will always get as different refs are bound to make different interpretations, though ironically saturday’s ref was the one who sent the man city guy off for an innocuous tackle as compared with derry’s – on that basis derry should have got a red.
    I haven’t heard the ray wilkins commetary but you can’t ignore that cabaye did do a similarly bad tackle a couple of weeks ago.
    Anyway thankfully none of it matters. We still won and cabaye is apparently ok.
    I think if you start wholesale monday morning reviews with a view to retrospective punishment for all diving incidents and bad tackles then you will seriously undermine referees. We do have retrospective punishment where refs have missed the incident which is reasonable.
    The fact is that refs need more help from players and managers – the so called ‘respect’ campaign is a joke.

  • sabre_ferret

    It’s not a question of ignoring Cabaye’s challange Mal, that was naughty, but in the case of Derry’s challange, Cabaye’s is irrelevent…

  • Ramshawc

    Typical sky! At the Liverpool game they were trying to get Cabaye (and Colo with Bellamy) banned in my opinion because of his challenge on Spearing. I was taught that if someone went diving in like Spearing you didn’t pull out of a tackle but made sure you got your challenge in before him which is what Cabaye did. I notice in te preview of the new series of Room 101 Frank Skinner says he hates Ray Wilkins co – commentary, my word I agree with that young man

  • Jonas Brown

    Hung by your own petard here? After the Brighton game I’m expecting a follow up article where you call for your own player to be banned for stamping?