Alan Pardew appeared as a guest on Radio 5’s evening sports programme last night (Friday) and is well worth a listen to by clicking online here

Our manager’s part starts at the 35 minutes mark but one classic exchange (as a taster to listen to the interview or for those who can’t be bothered!) followed a bit chat about the impact of a new manager on a football club and the interviewer says to our leader;

Interviewer, “So Alan, on that subject, hasn’t Martin O’Neill done a great job at sunderland since he arrived?”.

Alan Pardew, “We don’t talk about sunderland here”.


Interviewer, “Ohhh, you REALLY don’t talk about sunderland!!”. (Laughs)

  • Wilko&out

    Pardew’s stock just gone up even further

  • Anonymous

    Alan knows the score!

  • Garrybrown42


  • SuperKev

    I heard it and thought it made him sound like a complete tool. He’s not from the area and knows nothing of the rivalry yet felt the need to come out with something as stupid as that. His bubble will burst and he’ll return to being known as one of the cockney mafia once more. Pardew is a tit.

    • Any O’Brien

      Would you prefer that he had start extolling the virtues of Martin O’Neill?  On second thoughts “SeewpaKev” go back to ALS

    • Joseppie

      Ha ha ha ha, really got to you, didn’t it superkev. Don’t bite man, roll with it

  • Mickymiller1969

    Very Classy answer but maybe just a ‘Who? would have sufficed.

  • Sjsharp84

    Pardew doesn’t talk about 5under1and because (hopefully) he’s far too pre-occupied with the wellbeing of NUFC. Sewpakev says that Pardew doesn’t understand the rivalry – Steve Bruce did and it didn’t seem to help him or the team… 

    Before the next derby, I’ll be hoping that Pardew doesn’t spend hours explaining to his players what derbies mean to the fans. It seems that Steve Bruce did do and for the past three derbies the mackems have looked paralysed by the occasion, whereas we’ve looked collected, accomplished and not fazed by it. I expect a much harder challenge when we face them next at SJP. Still, who really cares about them?…
    Good answer, Mr Pardew.