The Express Online have managed to link Alan Pardew with the England job which is very likely to be vacated this summer.

In the absence of any genuine outstanding contenders, if you have to be English, it would I suppose be unusual if Alan wasn’t on the FA radar in some capacity considering the great job he has done at St.James’ Park.

The obscenity that is Harry Redknapp is massive favourite, before his court case….with Roy Hodgson the solid if unspectacular second favourite having had a nightmare at Liverpool.

Alan Pardew can be backed at around 10-1 and when you consider that the next fancied English candidates after Pardew are Stuart Pearce and Steve Coppell, it becomes a case of surely he must be in the FA sights over the next four or five months.

Success, even if it relative, attracts the often unwelcome attentions of others, as we have seen with every one of our key players linked with somebody else. So why not Alan?

Gareth Southgate is an increasingly influential figure in England circles as the FA’s head of elite development and is allegedly a big fan of Alan Pardew’s  managerial skills, having first got to know him as a player at Crystal Palace, where current United keeping coach Andy Woodman also played with the two of them.

Gareth Southgate had this to say about our leader;  “I know how meticulous Alan is in terms of preparation. When he has not been in a job, he has been travelling and has put his time in studying different methods of training. It’s been a great education for him.

He’s served his apprenticeship”.

Sorry to put the fear of god into any of you out there who also follow England closely, in the betting for next England manager, Allardyce and Bruce are fifth and sixth shortest priced English candidates!

  • rothervalleymag

    Pardew would have to be deranged to go for the England job now. He is also on a 5 year contract with us and he has a chance of doing something really special with the only/last chance he is likely to get as a big club manager (but I bet Fat Mike will consider the 4 years of compo he will be entitled to!). He needs at least another two seasons and/or a major trophy to justify being talked up in this way – especially by a failed manager like Southgate.  There is no other Englishman in the frame who is likely to hang around for long – Candleface and Roy will only ever be short term appointments – and there are simply no other English candidates – the previous set of Bruce, Allardyce and McLaren are all busted flushes.  There IS no new generation following on.  So if Pards wants to go for it in 2015 or whenever, he’ll be a shoo-in – providing he has continued the curve he is on now. 
    Anyway, I think Martin O’Neill would be the ideal England manager – a bloke who can get the most out of a bunch of nomarks and get them to over-achieve.

  • Anonymous

    Well if there is one place that is madder than the Toon….

  • Anonymous

    Hands off Alan, hope the crook doesn’t get it – my choice would be Hodgson.