I know there’s been some jiggery pokery in the past after the transfer window has officially shut, with the likes of Arshavin and Arsenal and others.

However, as we all know it is one law for the rest and one for Newcastle United, so in many ways I am happy to declare this January transfer window officially shut!!

I’ve read a lot of comments on the website and i agree with those who are saying that some fans are so downtrodden and lacking in self-worth, they are just grateful we haven’t lost our best players.

So we get the third biggest crowds, sat in 6th place before tonight and as it stands could be ‘level’ in fourth on Sunday if we beat Blackburn and Villa…yet still so many of us feel unworthy.

There is a right balance and while throwing money at the problem isn’t the solution, Mike Ashley has made so many supporters grateful for anything, due to the fear factor of something really crap happening.

There should have been money available for Pardew to strengthen and Cisse clearly ticks all kinds of boxes including a great goalscoring profile AND a great business deal. A decent defender would have completed a very good January but a sale of anybody decent would have been simply disastrous.

So let us clear all this nonsense from our heads and get back to the ‘business’ on the pitch, the future is in all of our hands.

  • Mal

    The Cisse signing was a bonus and we’re all grateful that we haven’t had any sales of our ‘big’ players. But you just get the feeling that Ashley won’t go that extra mile. I’m sure that we’ll regret the fact we haven’t signed a central defender – it just seeems to me to be a stupid gamble to go into the last 4 months of the season hoping that we can get by without serious injuries to Colo and/or Williamson. Probably a relatively small increase in our bid would have got the watford lad and given Pardew a real chance of making an impact in the run in. Bearing in mind how much extra you get for each place higher in the league this would seem good financial sense to me. Ashley obviously doesn’t fancy¬†making the effort to get into the Champions League (a win tomorrow would put us within 3 points of Chelsea).¬†So we just have to pray – but isn’t there a better way?