Whilst the portly controller has again shown his capacity to surprise us when we’re least expecting it, this week provided one of those all too rare occasions when his impromptu actions haven’t been met with a hail of unprintable expletives and vitriol from the happy masses.

By any measure, the capture of Papiss Demba…err Rodney (?) Cisse from under the noses of rival managers – be they silly jigging Irishmen or twitchy, shady Londoners (hereby referred to as ‘the accused’, until Monday at least) – represents a real coup for Pardew and, by extension, his paymasters.

I understood that Pardew had despatched club representatives to the African Nations Cup to run the rule over potential transfer targets – what I hadn’t considered was that one of those representatives would be our current centre forward and player-of-the-season-in-waiting. However, if your top target is our hero’s very good friend and international strike partner, then a few quiet words in a pal’s ear can work wonders – words such as ‘fifty’ and ‘thousand’ and ‘fans’ coupled with words like ‘Cattermole’ and ‘Bramble’ and ‘Bendtner’ should be enough to do it and in this case, it was.

If the transfer itself wasn’t enough to tick our boxes, the circumstances around it have certainly added chortle value, our new number 9 has gone on record to confirm that he turned down other suitors not a million miles away and furthermore is looking forward to playing alongside our free scoring free transfer rather than in place of him.

All of which suggests that Demba (the Ba-man) has performed his club duties impeccably yet again, only this time behind the scenes.

Until now, I had been trying to convince myself that we weren’t slowly morphing into a feeder club for teams who we could and should be competing with – Spurs and Liverpool in particular. A well-travelled road for us in the past. Once in a while though, we reach a tipping point, a moment of truth when the club comes up with something, a signing perhaps, which ultimately proves that despite all of our fears, we were actually serious about giving it a go regardless of how it might have looked on the surface – Robert Lee, Alan Shearer……Michael Owen…….Albert Luque… were all ‘tipping point’ signings, statements of intent (ok, I didn’t say it always worked out did I?).

Hopefully the arrival of Demba Rodney to partner Demba Ba is another tipping point and a firm double digit response to Sky’s dismissal of our right to challenge the top 6 and ‘the accused’s’ / Dogleash’s arrogant assumption that they can pillage our playing staff whenever the mood takes them. I said hopefully.

  • Anonymous

    It is class we’ve got such a talented second striker and even better that the mackems were apparently after him as well, just as well our other striker was Demba Ba and not the car tap dancer Bendtner!

  • Anonymous

    The signing of Cisse gives us all hope that at long last there could be the building of something at SJP, I’ll sleep a lot easier after 31st Jan though!

  • Anonymous

    Question for you Chris, can you have too many Dembas?

    • CT/SLF

      No – but Sir Alex had one too many Djemba Djembas as I recall – tee hee.

  • Any O’Brien

    Just a thought…..while Demba Ba is being credited with helping persuading Pappis Cisse to join, is it not possible that he has actually said that he would only stay if his buddy joins……

  • Anonymous

    I like your thinking Any o’Brien, mabeb now we are getting players with a lot of influence but in a good way, unlike Smith, Barton, Nolan….

  • MPoster.

    This writer is a moron…..and I should know.

    • CT/SLF

      I like your style and wholeheartedly agree – PS I resign.

      • CT/SLF


        • Mary_fleming1

          Who is this cowardly Mposter? Signed… A moron.

  • SLF

    23 years printing my stuff – who’s the moron again? SLF

  • Mal

    It’s a great signing which has us all excited. As basechant says we’ll all sleep easier after 31/1 when hopefully we still have all our players – fingers crossed – plus another central defender.
    Incidentally for anyone who hasn’t got a copy of the latest mag, it’s worth buying for the ‘sweet left foot’ contribution alone. I’m pretty sure that most of us can identify with it.
    One last point and sorry to be boring, but I’d also sleep a lot easier if, as well as Colo, we got a certain Tim Krul signed up on a long term contract – hopefully just because we haven’t heard anything doesn’t mean nothing is happening. And another thing – perhaps our manager deserves an improved contract before others come sniffing. That’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying 12 months ago, but credit where credit’s due he’s done amazing.

  • Nomad79

    where has sweet left foot gone,the man was a literary genius.