It seems very likely that United keeper, Fraser Forster, could be on his way.

Celtic have made it clear they want to make his deal permanent with Forster currently halfway through his second season at the club.

Only 23 years old, Forster already has over a hundred first team appearance to his name, having had other loan spells at Stockport, Bristol Rovers and Norwich before moving on to Celtic.

Most Newcastle fans will have little first hand knowledge to go on when judging Fraser’s ability but the fact Celtic are so keen to buy him, like Norwich before them, suggests to me that this is a player who shouldn’t be allowed to leave.

In my opinion he is our second best keeper after Krul and surely with age on his side he could still improve, especially if in time he plays at a higher level than you get over the border.

Even if Forster is keen to leave for first team football, I think he should be told that he and Krul will fight it out for the number one spot and that all cup matches will be his.

I can’t believe wages can be too big an issue as there just isn’t the money in Scotland to pay big money.

I suppose what it boils down to for me is that if Alan Pardew doesn’t rate him then fair enough but if it is simply to square off against some of the incoming transfer activity then we could live to regret it. Especially when a fee of only around £2m is being mooted.

Harper appears to have had his day and I haven’t been impressed by what I’ve seen of Elliot.

What I can’t understand is fans who are happy to see Forster go because we’ve got Tim Krul, surely that is such a weak argument because stating the obvious here; what if Krul gets injured?

I can’t say I’d be confident going into important matches with Elliot between the sticks and of course like any player, Krul needs competition for his place in the team.

  • Sjsharp84

    Good points made. Harper’s days at the club are obviously numbered (whether that’s down to his support for the Nolan/Barton/Enrique cluque or the natural diminution in ability that comes with age is open to question) and I am surprised that the club are not doing more to hold onto FF, especially given the fact that Elliot does not seem to have pulled up many trees for the reserves. I’ve read stiffs’ reports and we’ve conceded a lot, many due to him rushing off his line ill-advisedly.

  • Mal

    I have to admit to not seeing much of Forster but he is obviously a decent keeper if Celtic want to sign him on a permanent basis. I think this is a position where it’s particularly difficult to keep 2 top class players and, from everything I read, Forster just doesn’t want to warm the bench as second fiddle to Krul. Playing the odd cup game isn’t going to keep him happy when he’s been first choice at 2 or 3 clubs over the last couple of seasons. In the circumstances therefore I feel it’s right to sell him though hopefully someone at the club remembers to insert a suitable ‘sell on’ clause – we never seem to do that.
    I share your doubts about Elliott, who seems to let in a few goals every time he plays, but I’m not so sure you can write off Harper though he isn’t getting many games at any level. Why isn’t he or Elliott between the sticks against Man U in tomorrow’s reserve match rather than Soderberg or Alnwick? How they are supposed to perform at first team level when they rarely play beats me.