Today we bring you some absolutely classic video footage, courtesy of The Mag’s YouTube channel.

Although of course we would never advocate fans going on the pitch at any time during a match, you have to admit that back in 1974 Newcastle fans didn’t do it by half measures.

Trailing 2-1 to Nottingham Forest in the 6th Round of the FA Cup at St.James’ park, United centre -back Pat Howard is sent off for disputing a penalty which is duly converted.

This was the cue for one of the most mental scenes at our beloved ground, you will not believe how fast somebody can run on a muddy pitch wearing flares, ten scarves and platform shoes!

Bizarrely, after order was restored, ten man United fought  back to win 4-3 but a replay was later ordered because of the pitch invasion.

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  • Lupamac

    remember it well although i wasnt at the game i saw the replayed game at goodison park

  • Anonymous

    Love the fashionable strides flapping in the wind as our lads charge towards the Gallowgate, priceless!

  • Anonymous

    Must be the best ever NUFC strip

  • Anonymous

    I was there, and the two replays at Goodison!  It was a funny old game at St James; when we went 3-1 down, ten men, even from the wing paddock I could feel that an invasion was coming.  When a drunken old geezer (seen on the video being dragged out by police) staggered out of the Leazes onto the pitch, the rest of the end followed.  But despite what the Forest players said, I never saw any of them assaulted or threatened.  In fact, most of the kids looked 15 or 16.  So I never bought the “intimidation” story.  Memorable match though!

  • Anonymous

    Reminded me of Quadrophenia but on grass (mud!!).

  • Any O’Brien

    Love the “old school” rolling up of sleeves as you prepare for a pagga

  • Ivan Marx

    Is the referee Arthur Scargill?

  • Paul Cannell

    it was 1-3 when the pitch was invaded.