Here at Newcastle we’ve suffered our fair share of frustrating or out of sorts footballers. In recent years  the likes of Boumsong, Luque, Carr and Babayaro immediately spring to mind. Many fans feel our summer signing from Manchester United Gabriel Obertan falls into this category and they haven’t been scared to show it.

Gabriel has had an indifferent start to his Newcastle career. Obertan’s seeming lack of a desire to cross and not using his obvious pace to great effect, the main reason for the derision. At the same time though he has at time presented some talent, the home win over Blackburn his shining hour, constantly causing problems for Gael Givet at left back. While Givet isn’t the greatest of opponents Obertan still showed the ability to take him on and consistently beat him.

In recent months fans have began to openly boo and jeer the 22 year old. This is a young player, only a year older than Davide Santon who is seen as a talent for the future. Fans have every right to voice their opinion but for me with Obertan it just seems to be detrimental. He’s a young player who now just seems to lack confidence, one bad performance has led to another and fans have immediately jumped on his back. I will be the first to admit that he hasn’t played well enough but am the last to boo him. Obertan strikes me as the sort of player and person who needs support, he has a five year contract at the club so clearly a player Pardew expects to groom and the abuse has seen him go into his shell.

Obertan is raw to say the least and at times it’s apparent he could be a very good player. It has just shocked me a young man has come in for such abuse from the stands. It’s destroyed his confidence and just seen him drop out of the first team picture. A lot of the frustrating players we’ve had have been experienced professionals and so perhaps the abuse was founded but with Obertan it is just perplexing. Maybe it’s the role he plays, he’s expected to be full of flair and create and doesn’t always. Expectations may be too high with where he came from and the noises Manchester United fans made about his talent and their disappointment with his departure.

I just feel fans have been harsh on Obertan and have rarely seen a young player hounded like this at Newcastle. At the end of the day we’re meant to support our team and the players that play there. His occasional apparent lack of effort is frustrating but he needs to be nurtured by the coaches and the fans, not jeered. Let’s get behind this clearly talented young man and turn him into a footballer.

  • DurhamEvvo

    Well written…give the lad a chance!!

  • JustDave

    I fully agree.

    I think people tend to think he is older than he is due to the look he sports.

    Let him develop and I think we will see  a lot of exciting developments from Obertan. He has shown me enough moments of natural talent to convince me that he can do it. In time.

    While we are at it, lets leave off a few of the others who don’t deserve it too. Simpson comes to mind (Pretty solid defensively but lacking in crossing) but there are others who have been unfairly critiqued on here and by the crowd.

  • PeteG

    Absolutely spot on. I think its unlikely he’s going to turn into Messi!!!!! but as I asked of some F****t in front of me who booed the last time he was substituted at St James, ‘do you want him to play well?’, of course he said ‘yes’, I then asked him why booing him would achieve that. I got the usual lobotomised reply, ‘well aahve paid me money ah cab boo if ah want and who the f**k are you to question me’. To which I said ‘I rest my case’. Completely went over the numbnuts head.

  • Stephenguss

    Frankly I think we are still collectively judging players too much from the dark years of Souness onwards which culminated in a team that had at least half a dozen players I actively despised. From the championship season to now we have always had a team where I think that the players are giving it everything they have. Some of them may be inconsistent at prem level and very good one week, abysmal the next but I never feel that they are not worth our support. Obertan has to date frustrated the hell out of me but i see no point in booing him – he ain’t Duff, he ain’t Carr, he’s trying, let’s give him a break. going to struggle to shift Ben Arfa mind………………….

  • MrNeil

    Blimey. Only 22?

  • Durham Evvo

    Now will you start getting behind him a bit!!!!!!

  • Jimidybobidybo

    You may not have been havin a go at him in the stands but you have wrote a few articles recently slatin the lads, which is a lot more detrimental than shouting in the stands

  • KitchenDave

    Nice to see Obertan bagging his first goal on Wednesday nite