A bit of a strange one this QPR match, as well as the fact the visitors have changed manager they have numerous Newcastle United connections.

Ironically, for all the Newcastle connections it is very likely none of them will be sighted at St.James’ Park due to injury, suspension, or just not being very good.

How though would these ex-players be treated if they had got on the pitch and would they really have deserved the plaudits and/or rotten eggs.

If the likes of Fitz Hall and Bradley Orr passed most of us in the street we wouldn’t recognise them. One was here for two minutes on loan, while the other was a regular in the reserves without being able to make the step up.

Peter Ramage stands out as being the only one who would get a universal positive reaction, related to Steven Taylor he has all the commitment and heart of Mr.Taylor but unfortunately not quite the ability.

The two who provoke endless debate and split opinion are Joey Barton and Kieron Dyer.

For my money I think Joey Barton gets/would get a far kinder reception than he deserves, for what he received from Newcastle United both in terms of money and support I think he owes us a massive debt which will now never be repaid.

While in the case of Kieron Dyer, despite his numerous bad points and self-inflicted own goals, I can’t help associating him with a class couple of years under Sir Bobby when he was instrumental in all the good things that happened in that team.

His partnership with the much missed Gary Speed was a perfect combination of intelligent play mixed with Speed’s aerial power and Dyer’s raw pace. While when Dyer and Bellamy were both fully charged they were a dynamite combination for other teams to deal with.

I’ll never forget that night in Rotterdam, in the final minutes Dyer still having the stamina and desire to make a last lung-busting run which saw his shot parried (should have scored!), only for Bellamy to show the same reserves to be able to pounce on the rebound and send us through at the expense of Feyenoord.

I might not have cheered Kieron Dyer but I certainly wouldn’t have booed him, I choose a positive memory.

  • Mal

    I remember Dyer for other reasons – refusing to play on the wing, throwing the armband to the ground. He was one of the main reasons Bobby Robson was sacked and then when Sir Bobby died he came out with some hypocritical comments afterwards about his respect for him. When Barton said something to the effect that most footballers are nobs, I suspect he was thinking about Dyer (and himself). I think that if they were playing they would both get rough receptions.
    As for ‘one size fits hall’ – a different kettle of fish. A good reception for him would be my guess.

  • Anonymous

    I tend to have similar memories to Mal. Towards the end Dyer treated Bobby Robson with utter contempt and then had the audacity to praise him on his death.As for Barton I agree with Jack…he owes us still and needs a reality check!

  • Anonymous

    Both talented players but also with something seriously missing, that’s how they’ve ended up at QPR!

  • Anonymous

    They represent what is bad about football!