Venue:  Anfield

Day: A Friday night in mid-winter.

Dress code: Sadly, it’s Pringle jumpers, Sergio Tacchini track suit tops, bleached jeans and on the feet it’s Adidas Sambas.

Yes folks it’s January 1984 and we have drawn Liverpool away on a Friday night. It’s the 3rd round of the FA cup and as usual at this poxy venue we got stuffed. This time it was 4-0.

However, it’s not always what happens on the pitch that sticks in the memory the longest, off the pitch can be almost as important to the real fan. This one was a classic.

13000 Noisy Geordies in a 33000 crowd. Every seat in the Anfield Road end taken up by black and whites. From my seat/standing point in that end I could see Geordies in both stands alongside the pitch and watched as some more were escorted out of the Kop. I wonder how many times that has ever happened to visiting fans.

The game was being broadcast live, by the BBC, and I believe was the first cup tie, other than the final itself, to be shown live.

As kick off approached a Geordie with a Toon flag appeared on the pitch. He ran to the centre circle and stuck it in the centre spot to massive applause from the away fans.

We never stopped supporting our team that night and I believe that Ian Rush wrote something along the lines of how he was amazed at Liverpool being outsung at home. We did the club and ourselves proud that night. It was a fantastic night and one I’m sure that everyone who was there will remember fondly, regardless of the result.

I have done no research, it’s all from my memory, so please feel free to correct me!

Just to confirm that Neil isn’t losing the plot here is the classic video evidence of that brilliant away following.The Mag Video Replay

  • Anonymous

    Good one Neil, have you still got your Pringle Jumper and bleached jeans? Hope they still fit!
    I know it was another era in terms of years but it really does feel like a whole different world to following football now, not all for the better.

  • Anonymous

    Great atmosphere but not so great fashions.
    Is it these days all about just what happens on the pitch or is there still a terrace culture?

  • Spiritof69

    The jumpers have long gone but fortunately I’m still the same size.  You’re right though, it is completely different. No way could we take that many to any away game in this country, which is a great shame.

  • pj_ave

    You can see the fella with the flag enter from the left in this clip, just as Liverpool’s lineup is on screen…

  • Anonymous

    Happy days. The Fonz is cool but the Geordies are cooler! (ask your dad)

  • daveb

    I (think) I can remember Bruce Grobbelar conducting our singing, with his back to the game as Liverpool camped in our half. We sang “we’ve got more fans than you”, they replied “we’ve scored more goals than you”. Fair point!
    I get shivvers down my spine when I remember the sight and sounds of all those Geordies out-perfoming the scousers (off the pitch at least). Wonderful memories, even though we got absolutely battered.