Having watched one of the worst striking duos in living memory lumbering around Brighton for an hour and a half today, I switched on Eurosport to watch our 2 Dembas hopefully showcase our new strike force for the future. It was not to be, as they played a half each and whilst new shiny Cissé looked vaguely interested, old Demba clearly could not give a toss (keen to get back to the Toon obviously).

However, what was patently obvious was that each are out and out strikers, number nines that thrive on goalscoring. What they are not are second strikers, the creator, the Peter Beardsley figure/or the tall lumbering Andy Carroll type striker. There is little chance that the 2 Dembas will play as a partnership, they are simply too similar.Maybe Ben Arfa will come good and play that role, maybe Andy Carroll will return but it will not be the 2 Dembas.

Alan Pardew has gone out of his way to say Cissé has been his choice, the man he has wanted since Carroll left, he has never said the same about Demba Ba. Admittedly he has got lucky with Ba, who has been superb, but sadly his time in the north east is surely going to be temporary. Not only does the signing of Cisse pave the way for his departure but everything we are told (and not denied) about his contract, the fact he was not given the No.9 shirt, Ba himself reportedly saying he will stay ‘till the summer’, then the fact he is simply too good for us, suggest he will leave in the summer.

I have brought myself to accept this, I just hope Cissé provides a worthy successor.

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  • Rocking Magpie

    It’s bad enough when National newspapers write this sensationalist/conspiracy theory nonsense; but when its one of our own my heart sinks to my shoes.
       Ba says he wants to stay and the Manager says he wants to stay and the local press believe he is staying; so why jam your stick into the poo pile and start rumours like this? The next 48hrs will be bad enough without starting the week with drivel like this.

    • ToonJamiee

       I agree mate, we don’t need our own fan sites publishing articles like this. The sh1te about Ba not being Alan Pardew’s man is laughable. He stated several times in interviews that he had many phone conversations with Ba and his old back room staff before the signing. If anything he went out of his way to sign Demba Ba with Charnley, Lambias and Carr seemingly playing a larger part in Cisse.

  • Spence

    Offer Demba Ba a new contract – we’ll have gotten rid of that leach Alan Smith in the summer, freeing up £60 k a week….

    • JB

      MK dons are only paying 2.5k of his wages, we are still paying 57.5k!

  • Mal

    So this is based on watching each player play 45 minutes in a meaningless game in Africa. Agree with first comment below.

  • ToonJamiee

    What a load of drivel. Ba is as good at linking up the play as he is finding the back of the net. I’d be ashamed and embarressed to write an article like this. Is this a sunderland supporters site???

  • Anonymous

    Personally I don’t think Demba Ba will be going anywhere in the summer but I think a few fans getting a bit hot under the collar over very little. Just cos one supporter/writer says he thinks Ba will leave is exactly that – one person guessing what comes next. So if you’d said something before either Given or Carroll was sold out of the blue no doubt that would have brought a similar response.
    Even if Ba ends up going to Liverpool you should still…calm down calm down!!

  • Barry 61

    you cant play with two out and out strikers why not weve done it before and it worked Sir les and shearer

  • Jonnie

    Must admit I am surprised by the reaction to this, apologies to anyone I have offended!
    However the main point remains – I cannot see Demba Ba staying beyond the summer (although I clearly hope he does) and Cisse is the one Pardew really wanted. Playing 2 all out strikers can work but very rarely does – whether Ba can act more of a creator is a mute point, unproven, considering the rubbish he has had to play with (Shola/Best).

  • patrick

    i think a two demba attack will work. out and out strikers have worked for newcastle. shearer and ferdinand, shearer and ferguson, shearer and kluivert. i think he will stay, he knows he owes us one for having faith in him, is playing well and the fans love him. OFFER HIM A NEW CONTRACT AND GIVE HIM THE NUMBER 10, NUMBER 7 TO BEN ARFA

  • Johnhowlett87

    Bit early to say they can’t play together, if anything Demba has been playing as the second striker for the most part. Playing off best or shola and dropping into midfield when needed and doing so with great effect.