I don’t want to be the weird kid putting his hand up but has something happened to Mike Williamson while out injured?

I remember an honest defender who is good in the air but with a tendency to panic when he’s got the ball, or especially when players are running at him.

Yes he is a decent squad player but I don’t get this idea that if we can get him onto the pitch on Saturday, whatever his physical state,  then surely he has to be better than Perch.

James Perch is for me a Championship player, he is not a total liability who is prone to kick the ball in his own net every two minutes, conceding regular penalties in between.

I wouldn’t care but if Williamson was thrown into the mix after only 45 minutes reserve football, the same people desperate for him to play at all costs would be the same ones wanting to hammer him if things went pear-shaped.

If we don’t win back to back home matches against Swansea and West Brom it won’t be purely down to the fact James Perch is on the pitch, he’s an ok player out of his depth in a strange position.

He needs our support and with it we’ll get through any prolonged injury crisis, without that support we might as well hand them the three points before we kick-off.

  • Anonymous

    i think that if perch was alongside colo he would get on far better, don’t think either perch or williamson are ‘quality’ cb’s but will do a job…especially v the likes of swansea and wba at home. it’s got to be good for any players confidence playing alongside colo tho.

  • Ozymandias

    totally agree on the Colo comment. He’s brought Taylor on some and can do the same for anybody he plays alongside – the bloke breeds confidence

  • Mal

    I don’t see Williamson playing tomorrow – if he can’t manage 90 minutes in the reserves he’s not ready. Hopefully Colo will be back which should steady things up a bit. I agree with you about Perch – he’s playing out of position and needs help and support, not constant criticism. Having said that I would like to see Kadar alongside Colo – at least we would then have round pegs in round holes. But I don’t see Kadar every day and you can’t argue with Pardew’s results so far this season. HTL.

  • GP

    Unfortunately this situation demonstrates the lack of both cover and quality at centre back. I agree fully with the comments that both Williamson and Perch are of Championship quality at best. Williamson’s best quality is heading the ball from long clearances (not crosses) and Swansea aren’t going to do this. Maybe Perch is best option for this game, but only with Colo in the side. We have to hope that the midfield can stop Swansea playing so that the defence is not tested. My main concern for this game as it was for the previous 4 is that Ryan T has been found out for his lack of pace and the quick wingers that Swansea have may well take advantage. Let’s hope that if he plays they put Routledge on him so that we don’t have to worry about crosses into the box!