Rumours sweep around the media that with the BBC struggling for cash they might ditch their Football League Show and even Match Of The Day in 2013 when the contract runs out.

Some have pointed the finger at Alan Hansen’s alleged £40,000 a week pay but while I’m no big fan of his, I’d rather he got that than that prick Lawrenson got a penny of my license fee.

‘Lawro’ clearly has it in for Newcastle and I take it as a compliment that in his weekly predictions on the BBC Sport website he has us down to get beat pretty much eleven times out of ten!

I wonder if his bitterness is mainly down to his at the time much heralded arrival as Newcastle’s defensive coach under Kevin Keegan and the total dog’s dinner he made of that job.

I remember at the time bumping into him at the Quay Club, which was a nightclub on Dean Street, and having to stop my mate from lamping him.

Darren Peacock was a regular in there at the time and I also bumped into Dietmar Hamann once, as well as errr….Denise Welch, now it’s a lapdancing club and I’m not sure whether that would be counted as progress. Depends where you’re standing…or sitting I suppose.

Anyway, Mark Lawrenson is somebody who has managed, without any noticeable talent, to get himself a nice little earner with the BBC.

It would be a crying shame if the Beeb turned its back on football but that would be softened considerably if it meant our mate Lawrenson was out of a job.

Who annoys you?

  • Rod Fraser

    A self-opinionated, egotistical bell-end. ‘Lawro’ offers as little to punditry as Bez does to Quantum Physics. If he vanished in a puff of smoke i’d get my arse out in Fenwick’s window

  • mrmojorisin

    the biggest problem i have with this great example of facial paralysis, is that he breathes

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re all a bit harsh on the failed manager who has less idea about football than Russell (I’ve lost ten stone but need to lose another twenty) Grant – see BBC Sport predictions if you hadn’t already.
    He tips us to lose more often than we have matches!
    Mrmojorisin (is that a made up name?), are you volunteering to sort out his breathing?

  • Anonymous

    At least likes of Hansen admits he never fancied being a manager and just likes talking, Lawrenson sits there with a face like a slapped arse and forgets he had a go at management and was crap.

  • bigballsupthehole

    Mr Mojo I spat tea all over my laptop because of you.


    Lawro is a prick, but I cannot stand Garth Crooks, he is one annoying littel shit.

  • Anonymous

    His punditry clearly highlights why he was crap as a defensive coach at St James park( real home of the magpies) even my brother knows more than him and I know you don’t know him but that is saying something not that you don’t know him but that a ballet dancer would know more than Lawrenson.

  • Anonymous

    SOUNESS another prick, I switch off sky channel as soon as he opens his gob, the guy is full of… Worse than Lawrenson because deep down He knows he is crap whereas SOUNESS actually believes he is great( but without a job!). Have u seen him in the last Sky advert, I subjected myself to it once and you should see how quick I am with the remote as soon as I see his stupid face.

  • Vasey

    Phil Thompson with his shouty interrupting bollocks. And Shearer as a pundit. Greatest ever striker, most boring pundit ever.

  • Everyone has the right to be stupid but in Lawrenson’s case he abuses the privilege everytime he opens his mouth!

  • Tone Army

    Thompson, Lawrenson & hanson, in that order.. basicaly all the son’s.. useless fatherless sons imo :D