I’ve never really understood the culture of booing at football matches, well not booing your own team anyway.

At the final whistle on Saturday there weren’t a lot of boos but enough to be heard, why?

Were the boo boys (and girls) doing it because they thought the players weren’t trying, the manager had annoyed them, the grass wasn’t green enough?

Alternatively, was it just because we hadn’t won?

I’ve been at plenty matches where it was quite clear supporters were going to vent their frustration at the final whistle, only for a late goal to completely change the mood. Generally the team hadn’t suddenly improved their play, they had just got a break.

I would argue that opposition fans booing our players can have a positive affect and inspire them, I can’t imagine that our own fans booing can be anything but a negative for the team.

Against Swansea I thought Newcastle deserved to be a couple up against a defensive away side but luck deserted us, shame the woodwork hadn’t deserted them.

The second half saw United continue to press for the elusive goal but as energy levels dropped it became more and more unlikely.

I don’t think the players ever stopped trying and I wouldn’t have a go at Pardew as his options aren’t great in an attacking sense, although personally I would certainly have thrown Ben Arfa into the equation.

Failing to bring the enigmatic Frenchman on doesn’t equal booing, especially when his indifferent form so far this season means you wouldn’t have been sure of a positive contribution.

When it comes to booing I can only really think of managers like Allardyce and Souness who I’d have been happy to boo, although turning up outside their houses might not have impressed the cops!

So the question is, why did you/they boo on Saturday?

  • I thought the booing on saturday was unjustified, and disappointing.

    It wasn’t as if we played badly, and we did create chances. We just came up against a well organised Swansea defence, with a decent keeper and the goal frame again. Ba could have had 2 in the first half alone, as well as Colo’s header off the post.

    We probably could have played all night and not scored.

    Just gotta put it down to experience (and luck) and move on to the next game.

    At least we didn’t lose!

  • I thought the booing was a joke. We played excellently, and unfortunately just couldn’t sneak a goal. There were people booing before the match started. As they read the player’s names out, Obertan and Perch got booed. Personally, I believe that if thorough testing was carried out, you would notice a definite link between the percentage of the crowd booing, and the incidence of utter stupidity in society as a whole.

  • Mal

    Why anyone would boo a home player is beyond me. Funny though, if you ask around you won’t find any supporters who actually admit to it. As pointed out already, saturday’s performance didn’t justify it anyway – on another day with a bit of luck we would have won comfortably. One of the familiar targets (Perch) had a very good game – long may it continue.

  • Bobstead30A

    I heard a small amount of booing but thought it was directed at the referee. Swansea players were queing up to foul, particularly Ba, and the ref did nothing. However it was Cabaye who was the first booking for what I thought was his first offence. It also results in his missing the next game.

  • Paul Soulsby

    I couldnt belive it, what do these idiots want ? . Pardew and this group of pkayers deserve so much better, they’re a long way from Owen, Viduka, Geremi and Duff for gods sake . Any bugger that wasn’t happy with the effort of the players v Swansea should really stay away, theres no place for them at S.J.P.

  • Oxo

    X Factor, Strictly, I’m a celebrity, the apprentice it’s all a culture based on rejection that is why people boo. Alan Pardew, John Carver and all the players don’t deserve any reality Telly style negativity. Never has a Newcastle team deserved our support more than our current squad. We should support anyone in black and white as long as they give their all on the pitch and this team leave nothing behind when they play.