There’s a lot of good things about modern day football but the clubs and football authorities haven’t got a clue when it comes to how important away fans are to English football.

Along with compulsory sitting at matches, limiting away fans to no more than 3,000 at most matches is just rubbish.

It is even worse if you follow Newcastle as Ashley/Llambias refuse to take more than the minimum number of tickets and so our great club and city will be represented by just 2,000, yes 2,000!!, black & whites on Friday night at Anfield. Plus the eleven on the pitch of course.

Almost any fan of a certain age will regale you with stories of Toon fans taking massive numbers to Old Trafford, White Hart Lane, Joker Park and Highbury and literally almost taking over those grounds.

One night was really special though and we go back 27 years to Keegan’s return to Anfield but in a black & white shirt, live on TV a nationwide audience saw a brilliant display by….the fans.

Never mind the result on the pitch this was a never to be forgotten atmosphere, along with many others I’m still convinced it was true what we sang that night to the home support, ‘we’ve got more fans than you’, watch this and love it for the nostalgia but also weep that kids today are denied the chance of being part of something so magical.

Winning is definitely not everything.

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  • Anonymous

    Hi, As the gent who uploaded that clip I’ve uploaded a few more from that match and many more. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    My thanks to both The Mag and Sparko1978 (does this mean you were six(!!) when I was standing in the Anfield Road End that brilliant night?).
    Anyway, a very happy new year to you all and my everlasting thanks for taking me back to 1984 and that never to be beaten atmosphere.
    Unfortunately, I think divorce is on the cards due to the number of hours I’m spending on The Mag Youtube section!!

    • Steve Barrass

      I’ve still got the video VHS from that night recorded from the BBC.I was at the match and will never forget the noise we made

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha, yes, I was 6 but never went to this game. I had heard so much about the atmosphere and tracked it down for years from Ad’s in the like of 90 minutes Mag, The Mag etc. I only managed to get a copy around 1998 through an Ad in the Sunday Times i think!?
    Techonology has allowed me to transfer to DVD and then youtube as its too good not to share!. My page is based on NUFC between 1980 and 1994. I have loads more rare footage to put up including KK’s debut highlights (around 30 mins) tomorrow!

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    All the best