Football matches on New Year’s Day are not usually represented in such a musical way as our famous victories against the mackems in 1980 and 1985. Still down in Division 2 we were smarting from a right old hammering from February 1979. A home defeat by four goals to one gave bragging rights to…let’s just say South of the Tyne for a few months.

That was all put to bed though on New Year’s Day 1980 as Tommy Cassidy swung his golden welly at the ball and launched a screamer into the Gallowgate net to make it a 3-1 victory to the lads come the final whistle. Two goals by local lads Peter Cartwright and Alan Shoulder made it all so much sweeter.

Fast forward to 1985 and we are back in Division One and it’s another New Year’s Day fixture against the mackems. The day of our Lord Peter of Longbenton was to be recorded in history as a stunning hat-trick gave a 3-1 victory to the glorious Magpies. Peter Beardsley – one of THE BEST players to ever wear the black n white stripes.

What better way, you might ask, to commemorate such events than a stirring home-made version of the Boney M cover of Harry Belafonte’s hit from 1956. ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ from Christmas 1978 actually topped the charts for 4 weeks back then. Yes folks the punk era was still dominated by mainstream crap!

Anyway, the following chorus was promptly changed from

‘Hark now hear the angels sing

a King was born today

and man will live for evermore because of Christmas Day’


‘Hark now hear the Geordies sing

The S********* ran away

And we will fight forevermore

Because of New Year’s Day’

I know which version I prefer by the way!

However, before I get too carried away, this lot have got a lot to answer for as they also gave us another song title to play with – aye you’ve guessed it ‘Daddy Daddy Cool’ becomes ‘Timmy Timmy Krul’!!

As if that madness wasn’t enough, they were part of and recorded at Hansa Records Berlin. One of my all time heroes whilst growing up was David Bowie and where did he record those famous albums ‘Low’ and ‘Heroes’  – aye you’ve guessed it again – Hansa studios.

Amazing but true and I hope I’ve got it all factually correct. The trials and tribulations of following Newcastle United can be more stretching to the brain than you ever imagined.

All the best, drink lots and lots and above all else remember it’s NEWCASTLE UNITED you support and nothing else matters!

***Note – The Boney M image was NOT taken from one in my vinyl collection, but I’ll be hunting the second hand shops in the New Year, purely for reference purposes of course.

  • Anonymous

    Showing your age Tony and never had you down as a Boney M fan judging by your stuff in The Mag.
    I can still picture that Tommy Cassidy sweet volley as though it was yesterday, couldn’t see a player with his ‘physique’ surviving in modern football!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know so much about Daddy daddy cool/timmy timmy krul but ‘Hark now..’ is an all time classic, shame about them doing away with the singing section as with all seaters it is so difficult for the modern day ‘song-writers’ to get new songs going.

  • Anonymous

    I was a bit too young for the punk era Tony but love hearing stories about the ‘old’ days! Growing up as somebody used to all seater grounds and the Premier League, I think we’ve missed out on a lot of the stuff from the terraces and that. Though the ultras and others did their best in the singing section and I think we had the start of something good there until Ashley put the hammer to it.

  • Tony Fiddes

    HA HA !!! Boney M fan??? Heck that’s tongue in cheek I hope. But another springs to mind from them. Brown Girl In The Ring from 1978 was translated into Brown Ale Stings Your Ring tra la la la la I mean where did we get them from eh! The glory days of the pop charts.

  • WalkerMag

    My memory could be messing with my head here, but didnt Cassidy score a screamer at Joker from a good way out ? I also remember him scoring a canny header away at The Valley, that was at distance too