Under the headline, ‘Liverpool v Newcastle: The Premier League fixture that always delivers’, the ‘Mail Online’ gave us the following as classic encounters between the two teams.

April 3, 1996Liverpool 4-3 NewcastleMarch 10, 1997Liverpool 4-3 NewcastleAugust 30, 1998Newcastle 1-4 LiverpoolDecember 28, 1998Liverpool 4-2 NewcastleDecember 28, 2008Newcastle 1-5 LiverpoolJanuary 1, 1934Newcastle 9-2 Liverpool

Now before you go and accuse them of a bias towards the scousers, if you look carefully there is a United win included, from 1934!

Apart from being nearly 80 years ago, it wasn’t a Premier League fixture either, though there again the author might be a 12 year old Liverpool diehard from Torquay so might not realise football was ‘marketed’ as anything but the Premier League.

Yes the scousers have made hay on a fairly regular basis and the obvious starting point is that 4-3 but the next season’s 4-3 was absolutely crap with Newcastle United  a pale imitation by then of Keegan’s 4-3ers.

Surely though Andy Cole’s hat-trick back in 1993 which really marked Newcastle’s place back in the top league, deserves a place, as does last season’s 3-1 with Andy Carroll’s screamer almost certainly rubber stamping his £35m move.

Or failing those, surely Supermac’s home debut and hat-trick in a 4-3 win was a no-brainer.

Are we just paranoid or are they really out to get us…bloody annoyed!

  • Anonymous

    As always the media are full of tossers, the majority knowing nowt about anything but the gloryhunted clubs like ManU and the scousers.
    Trouble is their bosses are so clueless that they don’t understand how much it annoys a significant number of their customers, us!
    Let’s hope that the lads can add another standout game tonight to add to our last (!!) one in 1934….

  • Anonymous

    The papers love the red half of merseyside, it’s the same as with Spurs – if they win two games in a row they are supposed to be title contenders.
    As grantvp says, let’s do it tonight and stick it up them.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or are Carroll, Bellamy and Enrique the three players of their team, you’d like not to play tonight.
    Not because of any sentiment or anything like that but because they are their best players!

  • Anonymous

    I was there for the 4-3 at Anfield. I ve never felt so much emotions in 90+ minutes. On the way back home no one said a word. We were still in shock! God I d love to win tonight. With a Ben Arfa hat trick that would shut them up for more than a trip back home!

  • Anonymous

    The years of hurt go on, now it will be at least 88 years before we have the next highlight against the scousers.

  • Anonymous

    I ain’t ever going back there! They actually stole my radio!