The latest batch of televised matches have been revealed and naturally Newcastle United feature on the schedule.

There are two changes to add to your fixture list with the home fixture against Aston Villa moved back one day to Sunday 5th February with a 1.30pm kick-off and that will be shown on Sky Sports.

While the Spurs match at White Hart Lane stays on Saturday 11th February but the kick-off is now 5.30pm, going out live on ESPN.

As usual I suppose it depends if you are attending the matches or not, if you can make the match then numerous changes play havoc with your forward planning but armchair/pub fans get the benefit.

Do you think overall that live matches on TV benefit the fans?

  • Anonymous

    not if u r a Sky subscriber and a season ticket holder as they tend to show home matches

  • Anonymous

    I dont have sky and can’t afford a season ticket. i have been a fan for years without it but am grateful i can follow the toon at the pub

  • Tone Army

    I know a lot of people watch matches online these days on free streams, I think the club should themselves broadcast a stream and charge say £5 for it, thousands of people would pay to see a high quality stream of the match, people who have no means or intentions to attend the actual game would be paying into the club, it has allways slightly irked me the way virtualy every other country in the world but us can watch 3pm prem league kick offs.

    I will be attending today, I predicted lose-draw-win in the 3 big fixtures (man-c, man-ure & chealski) the first 2 were spot on so I am expecting a win :D

  • Patharty51

    £5 for a stream? WHAT? and put more money in the FCB’s back pocket. I live in Gloucestershire and the few times I get back to God’s Own County the Town are often away so it really is good to see them live (apart from today’s result) on TV, but the games should be 3 o’clock on a Saturday, unless Cup or Europe intervene. Unfortunately, the children of Thatcher’s years know no better, which is why most of them sit down to watch, like good children……………..